School of Design Technical Facilities: Covid19 Arrangements

School of Design Technical Facilities: Covid19 Arrangements

Updated 04 March

We are partially re-opening Building 11 for pre-book spaces and limited teaching from Monday March 8 2021

Stockwell Street Building 11 will be available to students Monday – Friday; 9.00AM to 6.00PM for pre-book activities and limited taught sessions

Note these measures relate specifically to the School’s studios / computing / workshop and photography spaces; they are also subject to the University’s broader guidance which can be found here

The Stockwell Street library will also be open

University Libraries operating times


  • Open access PCs in studio: a limited number of machines will be available for pre-booking only.  AM / PM sessions, no “walk-ups”.
    Instructions for Pre-Booking here
  • Remote access PCS: we have enabled direct connection to our workstations to allow direct access to their software and processing power from your home machine.
    Instructions for Connecting from home
  • Click and collect plotting:  send plots from home for collection from a ground floor pickup point (note: the instruction is still for you to present and submit digitally).
    Instructions for remote plotting.
  • Laptops: there is currently no laptop loan service


  • All studio spaces will be for timetabled classes only – unfortunately you will NOT be able to visit and work in studios unless part of a timetabled session.
  • You must not leave portfolios / models in studios; please bring and take away only what you need for your timetabled session.
  • Studio tables MUST NOT BE MOVED from their designated locations; seating must also be at the points at tables indicated.
  • Entrance to taught sessions will be managed so you will filter in gradually and fill up spaces from the back, etc.


  • We have a photography studio setup available in the first-floor studios – for pre-booking only
  • The basement photography studio will be not be available unless specific arrangements have been made and approved – for single users only.

Further information about studios


  • Access to the bench area and woodworking machines by pre-booking online, no “walk-ups”. The workshop will be operating Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday at a reduced capacity with a limited number of spaces each day
  • Wear a face covering at all times and the provided safety goggles when needed. FFP3 mask to still be worn when using certain machines or chemicals
  • Laser cutting / CNC milling / 3d printing files submitted via email, these will be processed by staff and collected from a collection point at a specified time  
  • One-way entrance and exit routes will be implemented  

Further information about model workshop

We are also publishing guides and information to help students carry out valuable home studio tasks such as 3d scanning, photography techniques, model making and process specific resources. If there are particular areas / techniques you would like to see covered then please let us know at

Please be aware that as this is a changing situation the specifics of these arrangements may also need to change.  

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