Plotting & Printing

We have large format plotting / printing / scanning facilities, but please note – these plotters get extremely busy at hand-in / crit times – many students leave printing until the last minute meaning plot wait times can be hours.  Lectures will not accept busy plotters as a valid reason for late submissions.  You are encouraged to manage your time and create your portfolio iteratively and so avoid panic printing.

Useful Info:

  • There are also two time restricted “Print Only” PC next to the plotters.  You can only log on to these machines for 15 minutes out which time it automatically logs out.
  • Print credit top-up is available online; see
  • There are guillotines and cutting mats in the print area for trimming your drawings.
  • There is an electric guillotine for cutting accurately up to A3 reams of paper / thicker card.

Design Studio Printing

The Print area in Stockwell Street / S11 has the following Plotters / Printers

  • 2 x Oce Colorwave 700
    Large Format : Multiple Paper Types: A2 / A1 / A0

    • Standard Paper : Coated Paper (120 GSM) – £1.00 / £2.00 / £4.00
    • Polyester Film (tracing paper)  (90 GSM) – £2.00 / £4.00 / £8.00
    • Matt Satin Paper (190 GSM) – £2.00 / £4.00 / £8.00
    • Wallpaper Non Woven Paper (130 GSM) – £2.00 / £4.00 / £8.00
    • Fine Linen paper  (130 GSM) – £2.00 / £4.00 / £8.00

  • Canon TX3000
    Sheet Feed Plotter – feed your own paper – £2.00
  • Canon TX3000 Plotter / Scanner
    A3 / A2 / A1

    • High Gloss Photo 260gsm
    • £2.50 / £5.00 / £10.00

Since this is expensive paper you are advised to check and re-check your files for any errors and also ensure the images are of a sufficient resolution
These prints need to be manually submitted by one of the tech team – please bring the correctly sized file to us for printing / recharging to your account.

This TX3000 machine is also a scanner and can scan up to A0 sheets of paper that can be fed through.  There is no cost for scanning

  • 2 x Canon / OCE MFD – Multi-Function Device; Printer / Scanner / Copier
    A4 / A3 : Regular Cartridge Paper – Black and White 5p/10p, Colour 20p / 40p

The MFD devices are different in that:

– You must tap your gateway card before it will release your print job

– it will only charge you once you have tapped your card

– You can tap on ANY MFD in the building and your job will come out there

– It is possible to print wirelessly to the MFDs from your laptop or portable device by emailing an attachment to

There is also a plotter in the Stockwell Street Library next door.

  • Oce Colorwave 700
    A2 / A1 / A0 : Standard Paper : Coated Paper (120 GSM) – £1.00 / £2.00 / £4.00

Other Resources

External to the University there are bureau style printing services where you can upload your work for collection / delivery

For binding your work for thesis / dissertation, SBS on the ground floor of the building can do basic ring style binding on site. For more elaborate binding types these companies offer an online / upload service:

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