Apps for 3D Activities

The advanced features of portable devices make them excellent tools for scanning / presenting 3D data. The latest Apple devices can utilise their face recognition – TrueDepth – feature and the Lidar capability to achieve very useful results. Here are some Apps to try out if you have a suitable Apple device.


iOS Device with Lidar

The Lidar sensor has a range of about 2 metres so these apps are not suitable for scanning buildings where the height goes above this. The results are perhaps not precise enough for exact work but it is a quick way of capturing a room and contents.


‎EveryPoint on the App Store (

Easy to use and free to export E57 point cloud files (not mesh models)


Scaniverse website

Easy to use and lots of editing features within the app – will export as mesh or point cloud.
This app is now free, and highly recommended

3D Scanner App

LidarScanner 3D


This app has two modes of operation; utilising the Lidar feature of the Apple Prop range, and also a photogrammetry function whereby photos taken with the phone around an object are uploaded and processed on their servers and downloading back as 3d models


This is very useful – and free – however the route to get scans out so they can be processed on the computer is a little involved.

iOS – with TrueDepth (face recognition) Camera Technology

These apps are a little awkward in that they use the front facing camera to 3D scan – which means the phone needs to be held backwards making it tricky to see what is being captured. The scan resolution is good and works well for smaller objects.

Cyborg Capture

  • Free ( requires sign up)
  • Number of scans that can be saved out is limited per month
  • Cyborg Capture


Augmented Reality

Where a 3d object is superimposed onto or into a real space so you have a live view via the device’s screen

Reality composer by Apple

Adobe Aero



  • an essential App for showing off your 3d work.
  • free for uploads below 50mb
  • features a VR mode to support the phone being loaded into a headset for an immersive view

Motion Capture


Moves by Maxon

Free motion capture app – but will only export to Cinema4d (with quite a convoluted transfer procedure)

Introducing Moves by Maxon

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