Design & Computing Studios

The first floor of the Stockwell Street S11 Building consist of 10 large design / teaching spaces and the computer areas and plotting facilities.

During term time the studios are open from 8.00 until midnight.

The process for organising these spaces is this:

Each morning the dividers / tables / chairs / screens will be moved to the standard layout – indicated in the plans below – ready for taught classes at 10.00

If a class is requiring a different layout or special configuration then this should be communicated first to the Design Support Team

Rearranging of panels / tables should not be at the expense of other classes – do not drag someone else’s furniture away unless it is clear it is not being used.

Studio Assistants are on hand from 8.30AM weekdays to help with moving furniture

Student Assistants will check machines restarting / logging out machines; repairing and reconnecting where they can – or referring non-trivial problems to tech support

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