• Kimla BlackBird
  • 3 Axis CNC Router. Capable of machine 2D, 3D and two-sided objects
  • Workshop Category: W5
  • Workshop Risk Category: BLUE: Bookable and paid for services

Start with a Risk Assessment to ensure a safe work area:

  1. Only trained/inducted Users are able to operate the CNC Router – these are carried out face to face, in small groups or individually
  2. The area around the CNC must be kept clear of people, debris and sawdust
  3. Wear safety goggles whenever you are near the CNC router
  4. Remove loose fitting clothing, jewellery, and tie back long hair
  5. Familiarise yourself with the location of the machines E-Stops
  6. Ensure the main dust extraction system is turned on

Only complete the following once you have received a face to face induction 

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. Ensure the correct bit is placed in the collet. SIZE, TYPE, & LENGTH detailed in title of cutting stage: 10mmFLAT_DC_TIMBER_50mmLONG
  2. Use Z sensor to measure bit length
  3. Place material on to CNC bed with a 3mm MDF sacrificial board underneath
  4. Turn on vacuum pump/bed suction. Check material is securely fixed to CNC bed
  5. Set origin and material thickness – remembering to include the 3mm MDF board
  6. Program stage(s) or load preprogrammed .NC file. Covered in face to face induction 
  7. Do not adjust the manual Feed & Spindle dials
  8. Do not step onto the black safety mats surrounding the machine during cutting – these are pressure sensitive and will pause the operation
  9. Once all cutting stages are complete, clean object using extraction hose or dedicated vacuum cleaner
  10. Turn off vacuum pump/bed suction and remove work 

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