• Formlabs Fuse1
  • Nylon Powder, dark grey 
  • Strong, detailed, slightly grainy surface finish – can be spray painted 
  • Workshop Category: W5
  • Workshop Risk Category: Blue: Bookable and paid for services

The Formlabs Fuse1 creates prints by rolling a very fine layer of polymer powder (Nylon12) across the entire build surface, a CO2 laser then selectively sinters the contour of the object to be printed before another layer of powder is rolled over. 

The unfused powder around the object being printed acts as the support structure so designs with complex geometries and moving parts can easily be produced

Start with an assessment of your design to ensure a successful outcome:

  • The 3D file has to be either .STL or .OBJ. Save .STL as 0.01 Binary
  • The object must be “water-tight”. No single faces without a thickness.
  • Book a consultation/file drop-off appointment via the sign-up sheet on the office door
  • Upload you file to preform (free Formlabs slicing software), this will let you see how your objects looks in the build volume and tell you how much powder will be used
  • You are only paying for the material used: 15p per gram

Only complete the following after you have received a face to face induction – wear Nitrile gloves and a P3 face mask 

**to be completed**

Its important to always clean the machine after each print. Cleaning carried out by Staff and Staff Assistants


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