Software – For Home Use

Note: for pointers on choosing specifications for your own machine please see this post
Note: it is possible to “dial-in” to the University system and access specialist software remotely – see this link

For software available to students for their own machines: here is a list of current opportunities:

  • Autocad
  • 3D Studio
  • Maya
  • Revit
  • Recap
  • and many more products

All of these software packages are free from Autodesk, but you need to prove your student status to get an Autodesk account. It can be fiddly to sign up but it is VERY worthwhile – you get a huge amount of software and services if you have a proper Autodesk ID. Here is their video showing how to sign up

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere
  • After Effects
  • and many more products

The University will make this software available to students of the School of Design.

Sign in at with user ID as in short format; e.g

note: @GRE not @GREENWICH

Use your current university password


more install instructions here

Microsoft Office:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • OneDrive
  • and many more products

The full Microsoft suite of programs is available to all University students. You can download Office 365 Pro Plus software by logging in using your University Account (

OneDrive is very useful for storing up to 1TB of data – which is accessible both in Uni and at home either via the full app or just via a browser interface.

More information here

Rhino 3d:

Rhino software does NOT offer free licenses but you can get a 90 day fully functioning copy for Mac or PC by signing up and downloading from their site.

Student license price is €195

Rhino (and V-Ray) is available via the UoG Remote Desktop


The VRAy rendering plugin is available for

  • 3D Studio
  • Rhino – PC only (no Mac version available) – Needs Rhino 7.30
  • Sketchup
  • Maya

Chaos do offer 30 day free trials if you sign up at the Chaos site.

Notes: The licensing process is a little fiddly – after install you need to run “Manage chaos license server” to open a browser window, click Online Licensing and sign in with your Chaos ID to authorise all the Vray licenses you may be using on your machine.


Cinema 4D is available “free” (with a £3 admin fee) – to students for download as a 6 month renewable license. You will need to prove your student status by uploading a photo of your student ID as part of the sign up process.

Sketchup PRO:

There are no free Sketchup Pro licenses available but you can get a 30 day trial version from their site. They also do a free, web based, Sketchup Free product (though it does not have all the import / export functionality of the Pro version)


Unity make personal / student versions of their software available for individuals


The ArcGIS suite of GIS / mapping software is available for Landscape Architecture students.

Please email to obtain the install / license files

Unreal Engine:

There area free “Creator Licenese” available for individuals to download and use Unreal Engine after signing up.


Blender is free open source 3d modelling software – it’s available to anyone free on Mac or PC


30 Day trial from Pixologic of the latest version 2020 version of Zbrush available after registering.

A “discounted” 2020 version is available for students for around £400

Alternatively Autodesk Mudbox is available free from Autodesk – this is very capable sculpting software that operates in a similar way.

Blender also has a modelling component in it


Zephyr have a free version of their photogrammetry software for download. This version has a 50 photograph limit but is still very capable.

MODO: HomePage

This software is available for download for students – and must be activated using a Uni / Student key – mail for the codes

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