• Jigsaw
  • Workshop Category: W2
  • Workshop Risk Category: Green Label


Suitable for wood with proper depth.

The jigsaw cuts in a path directed by its user. Can cut various shapes. Jigsaw has an adjustable footplate which allows user to cut in certain angle (this can be set by loosening the bolt at the bottom of the footplate with the attached hex key). The jigsaw is mains powered via a electrical cable. Always check this cable for signs of damage. To avoid accidents, the following operational safety rules must be observed by everyone working on the jigsaw.

Start with a Risk Assessment to ensure a safe work area:

  1. Safety glasses must be worn.
  2. Remove loose fitting clothing, jewellery, and tie back long hair.
  3. Give the work your undivided attention.
  4. To obtain a drill speak to the workshop manager or one of the student helpers.
  5. Make sure the area is clear of people.
  6. To obtain the jigsaw speak to the workshop manager or one of the student helpers.

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. With the Jigsaw unplug so there is no power supplied to it make sure the jigsaw has a properly secured and suitable blade.
  2. Check if the blade is in a good condition.
  3. Once plugged in, make sure the jigsaw is working properly without running it thought piece of wood.
  4. The sheet of wood or piece of timber for cutting should be attached to the table with a clamp.
  5. Always make sure the footplate is always touching the surface of the material you are cutting.
  6. Stand still and try to follow your initial outline.
  7. Don’t run into the table with the blade.
  8. You can pre-drill holes and get in the inside parts of your material.
  9. Always reset the position of the footplate.
  10. Once you finish with the jigsaw return it to one of the staff.

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