Panel Saw

  • Panel Saw
  • Workshop Category: W4
  • Workshop Risk Category: Red Label


The Martin T65 Panel Saw is a Red Labelled Machine and is used for cutting wood, timber composites and plastics.
Not to be used or adjusted by any students or staff. Only trained members of staff allowed to operate this machine.

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. Never talk to or distract someone that is operating panel saw. Wait until they have finished and the machine is powered down.
  2. The panel saw has a sliding table and cross cut that moves within a large footprint of the workshop. Be aware of this when the machine is in operation and ensure that you move safety around the machine. If in any doubt wait unit the machine is powered down.
  3. Do not adjust the rip fence when the machine is powered down as it loses it electrical measurement and takes time to reset.

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