Workshop Induction

Access and use of the Facilities in Model Workshop / 11.0013 [revised September 2018]

The following is the framework for Student and Staff members who have not been inducted into the Stockwell Street Workshop.

Primary users are given an overview of the Workshop space during the initial introductory building tours that are carried out at the beginning of term.

Student and Staff members can only access and use the space AFTER the online Moodle course has been completed. This consists of

  • Reading through the Code of Practice and Health & Safety procedures for the space
  • Watching the induction videos and successfully answering all quiz questions for each of the machines covered.
  • On successful completion the “Acknowledgement and Agreement” field must be filled out, signed and passed to the Workshop Manager  [paper copy to be kept on file for 6 years following graduation/end of employment]. This form is found at the end of the online Moodle course.

Course/year groups to communicate Moodle Induction link (detailed below) to respective students. It is the course supervisor’s decision whether the Induction is completed independently or as a timetabled event in a booked out computer room.  Similarly whether this happens in year 1 or 2.

Students cannot use the space until they have completed the Induction and handed the form to the Workshop Manager.  Individuals must always consult a Workshop staff member the first time they use any of the machines.

The Online Induction is intended only for core School of Design users. Any other students or staff members from different Schools requiring access should contact the Workshop Manager.

  • Moodle Induction URL:
    [Recommended Browser: Google Chrome or Internet Explorer]
  • Workshop Manager – Samuel Sheard
  • Design Studios Support



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