Green Spaces

The Stockwell Street building incorporates a variety of green installations and activities – it has fourteen interlinked roof terraces creating one of Europe’s largest teaching and learning green roof landscapes. Almost the size of 12 tennis courts, the green roofs create a research environment that includes facilities for the study of aquaponics, apiculture, algae, urban agriculture and the interaction of landscape with the built environment.

For further information on the green infrastructure projects and research, including aquaponics being undertaken please contact Benz at or Shelly at

Landscape Roof :  S11 Building Third Floor

The aim of this roof garden area is to enable staff and students to interact via formal teaching; through workshop and by other collaborative means

Access to this space; weather permitting

  • Between 9.00 and 17.00
  • Monday to Friday
  • No more than 15 people at a time

Users must respect the space and others using it by behaving in a responsible way with particular regard to litter, noise and smoking


Landscape Living Wall:  S11 Building First Floor Studios

Stockwell Street has a “Very Large Internal Living Wall “ in the studios; installed on June 12 2016.  It was donated and installed by NEMEC Cascade Garden, a company from the Czech Republic and is used for research and teaching purposes.

It is well documented that indoor plants improve air quality and the well-being of people especially in the work place. The living wall enables testing of a variety of plants for suitability, and their effects on air quality and noise – as well as people’s attitudes to living walls.

The planting design was done by Shelley Mosco (an A&L staff member who has designed numerous living walls across the UK and internationally) and many landscape and architecture students helped with the installation.

 A visit to the wall is included in the monthly tour of the Stockwell Street roofs by Benz Kotzen.

Aquaponics Lab: S11 Building Second Floor

Bitter gourd grown in our Aquaponics Lab.

Aquaponics is the symbiotic growing of fish and vegetables in recirculating water systems. It is emerging as one of the most important areas of sustainable agriculture.  The Stockwell Street Aquaponics lab exists as a research project to facilitate investigation into areas such as growing Asian and other exotic vegetables in aquaponics in the UK, instead of importing them at high financial and environmental cost.

This aquaponics experiment aims to determine whether the lettuce that is being grown vertically is as productive to that growing horizontally. (Experiment by PhD student Mohammed  Khandaker and supervisor Benz Kotzen investigating the potential for vertical aquaponics which is more space efficient and thus more productive than horizontal aquaponics.)


Greenhouse: S11 Building Second Floor







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