Building Opening Times – Submissions / Show 2024

22nd April | 24 Hour Opening (Monday)

2nd May | 24 Hour Opening (Thursday)

6th May | Bank Holiday

6th May | 24 Hour Opening (Monday)

12th May | 24 Hour Opening (Sunday)

20th May – 24th May | Contractors Fit out STUDIOS 1001-1006

20th May | 24 Hour Opening – Monday

27th May | Bank Holiday

28th May – 31st  May | Contractors Fit out STUDIOS 1010-1020

28th May – 31st  May | Graphics STUDENT Installs – STUDIOS 1001-1006

3rd- 5th June | Media and Animation MARKING 

3rd- 7th June |   Architecture and Landscape STUDENT install 

1st July – 14th July(2 Weeks) | Students take down / collect exhibition work

15th –  19th July (1 Week) | Tech Team takes down and stores any remaining work

22nd  – 26 July (1 Week) | Contractors take down / make good studio walls 

1 July | Summer School

23rd September (Term Start) | Deadline for collection of models.  Any models still remaining in studio on this date will be disposed / recycled

7th October | Deadline for collection of portfolios. Any portfolios still remaining in studio on this date will be disposed / recycled


  • Keep your Student ID card with you at all times – security are tasked with spotting intruders: help them out by demonstrating your Uni credentials.
  • Don’t let non-Uni people in the building or lend out your card (ditto).
  • If you spot suspicious activity let security know so they can investigate and take action.
  • Be considerate to one another – playing loud music, being rowdy, having messy smelly food; these can be causes of distress to already an already stressed group. Security will challenge poor behaviour – please cooperate for the benefit of all studio users.
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