• Universal ILS9.150D, Universal VLS6.60
  • CO2 lasers capable of cutting various materials. No metal or PVC
  • Workshop Category: W5
  • Workshop Risk Category: Blue: Bookable and paid for services

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. All students must have a face to face induction before using the laser cutter for the first time
  2. New/nonstandard material must be checked by a staff member before cutting
  3. Ask for help if something doesn’t look right with your file or you can’t remember how to use the laser cutter
  4. Don’t open the laser cutter whilst it is cutting
  5. Make sure the extraction system is turned on before you press play
  6. After cutting leave to extract for 1minute before opening
  7. Tell a staff member if the extraction unit is flashing red and beeping
  8. Keep area clean. Dispose of waste material in red bins, and scrap material in the off-cut racks.


Erroneous Fixture Height – this error occurs when the bed has slipped or been jogged. The laser unit will need to be re calibrate. Instructions for this procedure are here – for trained operatives only

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