Easter Opening Times

Please find opening times for Library and Building 11 this Easter; note these differ slightly between buildings:

Easter WeekendStockwell Street LibraryBuilding 11 / Studios
Friday 29 March11 am to 7 pm9AM – 10PM
Saturday 30 March11 am to 7 pm9AM – 10PM
Sunday 31 March11 am to 7 pm9AM – 10PM
Monday 1 April11 am to 7 pm9AM – 10PM

Bank HolidaysStockwell Street LibraryBuilding 11 / Studios
Monday 6th May*11 am to 7 pm9AM – Midnight
Monday 27th MayClosed9AM – Midnight
Monday 26th AugustClosedClosed

The library will be operating 24 / 4 from the 8th – 17th May (Monday to Thursday) however building 11 will remain at midnight closing except on those particular days preceding large submissions (tba).

The workshop will be closed over the easter break on the Mon / Fri Easter bank holidays, and also Wednesday 10th – Wednesday 17th April inclusive.

Remote Direct Access Decomissioned


With the return to on-campus teaching our remote direct access feature will be switched off; we will be needing all machines for physical access and the remote service will be stop working on the 7th September 2021

You will still be able to use the lightweight VDI for remote plotting but for the heavier applications there will no longer be a service to dial in to our machines here

We will soon be implementing another route to accessing all apps at home via Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

Key Dates: Summer Arrangements

Key Dates

Monday 1st July

Show take down for students

– Students to collect exhibition work this week. Please take any work you want to keep, or arrange for a colleague to collect it for you.  

Monday 8th July

Contractor Take down

– Any work still remaining in the exhibition will be moved to a collection pile between plot area and crit pit.

– While we will endeavour to have work moved and stored carefully we strongly advise you to take away important work as soon as possible.

– All portfolios in computer areas (and second floor seminar rooms) moved to storage rack between plotters and computer area

– Graduating students should also take away any items remaining in the workshop – continuing students must make arrangements with the workshop if items are to remain there.

Wednesday 24th July

– Lockers and black cupboards to be emptied, inspected, batteries replaced. 

[31st July – Resubmissions]

Monday 5th August

– Network Shared Area; S: drive to be wiped.  Please back up. It is full

– If you do need to retain work here then please move it to a folder named “2020-your name”, anything else will be deleted

Monday 2nd September

– Recycling / disposal of any remaining exhibition work still in temporary storage area.

– Items of interest may be used elsewhere for display or demonstration purposes but there is very limited space for retaining models.

Monday 16th September

– Term begins [induction week]

Monday 23rd September

– Teaching begins

Monday 30th September

– Recycling of remaining portfolios; portfolios to be emptied of contents and made available to new students

Design Studio :: Key Dates 2019

April 29 / 30 : Enterprise Event in Crit Pit and Studios 1001-1006 (work, models, portfolios will need temporarily to be moved elsewhere)

April 29 / May 3 : PLOT SLAM. Bring properly sized PDF’s to support office for 25% discount on plots

April 15 : 24 Hour Access Starts (Mon-Fri only; Sat / Sun midnight finish)

April 29 : First Year Graphics Submission [Typo – Magazine]

May 6 : Early May Bank Holiday

May 7 – 9 : Second Year Show SETUP

May 8 Submissions:

  • Submission: Architecture Year 1
  • Submission: Architecture Year 2
  • Submission: Architecture Year 3

May 9 Submissions:

  • Submission: Landscape Architecture Year 1
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture Year 2
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture Year 3
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture MLA1
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture MLA2

May 10 Submission:

  • Submission: Architecture Year 4
  • Submission: Architecture Year 5

May 10 – 13 Second Year Show 11_1001 – 11_1006

May 13 : Second Year Graphics Submission [Branding Portfolio]

May 15 : Third Year Graphics Submission [Professional Portfolio]

May 17 : 24 Hour Access Ends

May 20-25 : Exhibition Build: Graphics / 3D/ Media 11_1001 – 11_1006

May 27 : Late May Bank Holiday

May 28 – June 1st: Exhibition Build: Architecture / Landscape Architecture

May 29 : Workshop Deadline: Plinths / Exhibition Furniture

May 28-31 : Exhibition Hanging: Graphics / 3D / Media

June 3 – 7 : Exhibition Hanging: Architecture / Landscape Architecture

June 3 – 7 : Ground Floor Build / Install

June 3 – 7 : Marking: Graphics / 3D / Media


June 12 : Studio Floor CLOSED: For Deep Clean, catering setup, H&S inspection, etc.

June 12 : Exhibition Opening Night 6.00PM

June 28 : Final Day of public opening

June 29 : Open Day (Exhibition remains on display)

July 1 – 5 : Take down / collection of student work

July 8 – 12 : Exhibition Takedown

End of Year Studio Cleanup

The 2018 end of year show starts on Wednesday 13th June and requires all models / materials / portfolios to be cleared from the first floor studios.

In preparation for this we will be carrying out a phased disposal / recycle of items currently in studios:

Throughout the next few weeks we will be moving items around the studio to a holding area – this is the tables in front of the wall between the CritPit and plotting area.


On each Friday before the exhibition the contents of these tables will be considered unwanted and will be disposed / recycled.

For work required for the show we will provide a safe storage area – details to be confirmed shortly.

Please note that we will WILL NOT dispose of portfolios.  The portfolio recycling routine is for us to move all portfolios onto the portfolio racks for reclaiming.  Those portfolios still remaining by the second week of term will have their contents disposed of and the portfolios themselves are made available to students needing them in the next academic year.

Keys dates for the disposal of work

  • Friday 25th May
  • Friday 1st June
  • Friday 8th June

Please assist us by taking home any work you wish to keep as soon as possible.

Save Paper when printing to A2

Currently the Colourwave Plotter will cut an A1 area of paper even when you send an A2 – so around 30% of paper is wasted.

Until we can put a server side fix in place you can make a tweak yourself to stop this happening.

In the plot dialogue / print settings for these queues:

  • Standard-plot-dst-cw700-q1
  • Premium-plot-dst-cd700-q3
  • Ptype4-Plot-dst-CW700-Q4
  • Ptype5-Plot-DST-CW700-Q5
  • Ptype6-Plot-DST-CE700-Q6

select ADVANCED – scroll down to CUT METHOD – set this to PRINTER DEFAULT

Then only the height of an A2 is rolled out.


24 Hour / Easter Opening 2017

The First Floor Studios will be open 24 hours from:

  • Monday 27th March – Monday 22nd May inclusive.

Access is to studio floor only after 9.30PM – NOT 2nd and 3rd floors; the Easter days and Bank Holidays WILL be open too.

Staff from REASSURANCE will be on duty overnight – sleeping / unruly / unauthorised people will be asked to leave – you must keep your Student ID card with you.

In case of emergency contact:

  • REASSURANCE staff member, or
  • Front Desk Security (First Aid Trained), or
  • 24 Hour Security: 020 83317616

While the University Building will be open on Easter Days and Bank Holiday, regular staff will not be at work.

Stockwell Street Workshop will not be open on these days.



Term 2: 2017 Opening

The 24 hour opening is now over for S11 and Library building.  From 13th January the opening hours revert to 8.00AM to midnight every day including weekends

A 24 hour opening period will take effect again later in the year around final hand-in.

Studio support is available Monday – Friday during core hours; from 8.30AM to 9.00PM and at weekends for 3 hours during each day.  If you have specialised printing, etc please do this during regular working hours when there is someone who can assist.

The workshop is open Monday to Friday 9.30 – 5.00PM

Please throw out any rubbish – the shelving storage is getting filled up.

Design Studio 24 Hour Opening

Stockwell Street Library and the 1st Floor Studios in S11 will be open 24/7, starting from

Monday 28th November from 8am to Thursday 15th December inclusive

From the 16th of December opening hours will be open as follows:

Friday 16th until midnight
Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th December 9 am – midnight
Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd December (inclusive) 8 am – midnight

Friday 23rd December 8 am – Midday

the building closes for the Christmas Break at midday on Friday 23rd  (University closed Friday 23rd December pm – reopens Tuesday 3rd)

24/7 opening will resume again on Tuesday 3rd January until Thursday 12th January (inclusive).

From Friday 13th January, normal hours will resume: 8 am to midnight.

Design Studios :: Need to Know

Here are some tips / solutions / workarounds / that will be very useful for studio users.

  • PCs : No Logon Servers Available – Cannot log on OR no internet when returning to sleeping machine.


There is a network glitch in Stockwell Street and the Maritime Campus where network cards sometimes do not wake up from power save.  The only way a student can fix this is a restart


  • Plot queue (or queues) not showing in the drop down list

Solution: Add the plot queue(s) manually using the following steps

Click the Windows Start Button in the bottom left hand corner:



in the Search box type


This will bring up a big list of plotters and printers.
In the top right hand search box type


This filters the list just to the printers and plotters in our print area.



Identify the plotter you want from the list and double click to install it. It is then available to print to from any application.

STANDARD-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q1 :: A2/A1/A0 Standard Paper
PREMIUM-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q3 :: A2/A1/A0 240GSM MATT paper
PTYPE4-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q4 :: A2/A1/A0 Tracing Paper
PTYPE5-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q5 :: A2/A1/A0 Textured Paper
PTYPE6-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q6 :: A2/A1/A0 Satin Semi-gloss Paper
PLOT-DST-T1300 :: Sheet Feed Plotter


  • PDF Documents print blank pages on the MFD printer

Solution: Flatten the PDF by clicking the ADVANCED tab and ticking the Print as Image option


Often PDF files with lots of layers created with Adobe Photoshop will not be understood properly by the MFD printer.  Print as Image will flatten the whole file down so it is simpler to process – it does not affect the quality of the print.


  • iMac Keychain Access nags on logon

Solution: Click UPDATE KEYCHAIN (the MIDDLE) option when it asks what to do 


If you have changed your Uni password this may conflict with the iMac’s password management system when you have previously logged into a machine with your old password.



  • Large Screen wheelable Screens not showing anything


CHECK screen is on – press upwards the joystick under the screen in the middle.

CHECK input is set to HDMI1- use the joystick to select HDMI1

CHECK the PC is powered on – the small square PC is mounted to the back; if it is on the power button will be glowing.

If all else fails restart the PC by Pressing and holding down the power button to force a restart.



  • Connect to the Larger Scanner / Shared Area (S: drive) from a Mac

    Solution: Once logged on to a Mac you can manually connect to the shared area

The large scanner will save scans to the SCANS folder on the S drive.  This appears automatically on a PC.  If you are on a Mac you can manually connect by selecting 

GO” in the top menu, then choosing 


(or press CMD-K)

this opens a dialogue window – in server address type “gm-stu-shr1”



The S drive will now open – the scans will be in the folder “SCANS”