• Formlabs Form2
  • Resin: white, clear or grey
  • Fine, smooth surface finish
  • Workshop Category: W5
  • Workshop Risk Category: Blue: Bookable and paid for services

The Form2 is a desktop 3D printer that “prints” using a resin tank; solidifying each layer of the model with an ultraviolet laser. The printer repeats this process for each thin layer of the resin, to build up a full object; drawing the model up out of the liquid so the final model is left hanging upside down from the build platform. The model is printed with a support structure that holds the model together during the printing process. This support structure is auto generated by the 3D printer’s software and needs to be snipped away from the final mode (this can be time consuming).

Start with an assessment of your design to ensure a successful outcome: 

  • The 3D file has to be either .STL or .OBJ. Save .STL as 0.01 Binary
  • The object must be “water-tight”. No single faces without a thickness
  • You are only paying for the material used: 30p per ml
  • Supports must be manually removed

Operational Safety Rules: 

  1. Upload you file to preform (free Formlabs slicing software), this will let you see how your objects looks on the build platform and the automatically generated support structure
  2. Book a consultation/file drop-off appointment via the sign-up sheet on the office door
  3. Don’t touch or move the 3D printer when it’s printing

Only complete the following after you have received a face to face induction – wear safety goggles and Nitrile gloves

  1. When the printer has finished remove the build plate from the machine
  2. Close printer lid/cover
  3. Insert build platform with print attached into FormWash station

Using the FormWash

  1. Wait for all the Isopropanol Alcohol to evaporate then place in FormCure – do not use the FormCure when using Clear Resin

Using the FormCure

  1. Wearing safety goggles, carefully remove the support structure

Post processing hints & tips

FormWash & Cure Code of Practice

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