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Film and TV Studios

Film & TV Support Team

For any enquiries related to camera, lights, and sound equipment or rooms, feel welcome to say hi to the team in the Tech Office, Stockwell Street 11_B009. Alternatively, you can email us at

You can find a selection of tutorial videos on how to use key pieces of equipment on our YouTube Channel.

Media Management

Students are expected to provide their own external hard drives for storing media files and editing projects.

We can no longer supply SD cards with camera bookings. It is highly recommended that you purchase your own cards to safeguard your footage. We suggest SDXC with a data rate of at least 30mbps.

Filming On Campus

Guidance on how to book locations on the various Greenwich campuses as well the Old Royal Naval College Grounds is available in the Film & TV Hub on Moodle. The Hub also includes essential info, links, and resources on making your projects happen. Including guides on booking rooms and locations, access to casting platforms, Covid-safe production documents, spaces to connect with other FTV students, and much more.

Not a Film & TV student? Self-register to the Moodle page on your first access.

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