Present: SketchFab

Sketchfab is an online resource for uploading and showing 3d models – rather like an Instagram for 3D. It is a hugely useful resource for showing many formats of 3d model. It enables an uploaded 3d model to be zoomed, spun around and otherwise examined within a browser window very easily.

It can also be downloaded as a free app to your phone or tablet to utilise the device’s ability to superimpose the model onto real space (augmented reality) or to be used in a headset so you can “look around” your 3d file.

The Sketchfab model above is a photogrammetry scan of a tree stump in Greenwich park. Click the play button to activate it then use mouse / trackpad to drag the view and zoom in and out.

This model also uses Sketchfab’s annotate feature – clicking on the number links to a preset view and some accompanying text.

The Model Inspector button lets the model be viewed without texture , as wireframe etc.

Access to Sketchfab

A basic account for Sketchfab is free to sign up to here

This will allow you upload files of up to 50mb which – with sensible optimisation of your model – is more than enough to accommodate models. The pay-for accounts give premium features like more upload space, extra annotations, more view per month etc.

Models – in the required format – exported from Rhino, 3d Studio etc. can be uploaded to Sketchfab via the web page though many 3d applications (like Zephyr) will let you upload directly from them – with the option to optimise the file to fit the file size limit.

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