• BOFA 1000iQ Fume Cabinet
  • Spray booth and extraction for all solvent based activities
  • Workshop Category: W2
  • Workshop Risk Category: Green: Low Risk


BOFA 1000iQ fume cabinets/booths used to extract fumes and VOC’s during the following solvent based processes; aerosol spraying/painting, sealing and finishing material, post processing powder printed parts and casting using epoxy and polyester resins.

Consult with a Workshop Staff member if you are unsure when to use the fume cabinets.

 Start with a Risk Assessment to ensure a safe work area: 

  1. Only trained operators who have completed the online Moodle induction can use the fume cabinets.
  2. The area in and around the spray booth should be kept clear of people, debris and dust
  3. Nitrile gloves a must be worn (provided in the workshop)
  4. Wear a P3 mask when working with large volumes or objects – where risk of fumes escaping from the cabinet is greater
  5. Ensure you protect any clothing from the accidental paint drops, wear apron if needed
  6. Familiarise yourself with the off and on button
  7. Turn the fume cabinet light on
  8. Spray cans can be disposed in the Hazbox which is kept below the spray booths
  9. All flammables are to be store in the yellow cupboard
  10. Only use the booths for items smaller than a football. Larger object must be sprayed outside on the tables

Operational Safety Rules: 

  1. Approach your work in the workshop with a respectful attitude. Don’t spray in the booth when someone’s work is still in there
  2. Ensure the inside of the booth is covered with paper – this is changed weekly
  3. The plastic guard must be down before you can start spraying
  4. Red illuminated button turns extraction ON, switch on the right turns the light ON
  5. Wait for the extraction to reach its set speed of 50m/s. Only then start spraying
  6. Spray or cast work needs time to ‘gas’ off. Leave work in the booth for at least 30minutes to cure

 Always ask a staff member for help if you are not sure how to correctly use the machine  

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