3D Printers

The Faculty has several 3D Printers which create physical models from files generated by CAD software such as 3D Studio MAX, Rhino, Sketchup etc.

The 3D printers are situated in the Stockwell Street workshop 11.0013

Consultation and file drop-off, Monday – Friday, 11:00 – 15:00

Please spend some time preparing you 3D files before your appointment

Things to consider

  • save as OBJ or STL. For STL use 0.01 Binary
  • save each separate object as a separate OBJ/STL, for multiples of the same object save once with number needed in title. E.g. Tree_x10
  • no zero thickness surfaces. Consult printer pages for minimum wall thickness
  • must be watertight (i.e no shapes with open edges)
  • no reversed faces (back to front geometry)
  • no internal geometry – boolean union connecting objects
  • sensible file size / resolution (optimise your models – set Isocurve density to 1, and reduce polygons
  • no tiny, spindly or very thin elements (bellow 1mm) that will just break or fail
  • 1 – 3day turnaround

Exporting CAD model for 3DP or CNC Milling 

3D Print file fixing and checking software:

Autodesk Netfab – available on UoG 1st floor studio computers

Materialise Magics – available in the Workshop office

The onus is on the user to prepare their own models – this can be very time consuming; we can offer advice, but we can’t repair every 3D print model

3D Printers available

We currently have 3 different 3DP technologies available for use in the workshop. See specific machine pages for more detailed information

FDM Plastic: Ultimaker S5 & Bambu Lab

Cost per gram: 4p

Information and Safe Use     

Operation Guide                   

SLA Resin: Phrozen Mighty 8K

Cost per ml: 8p

Information and Safe Use         

SLS Nylon: Formlabs Fuse1

Cost per gram: 25p

Information and Safe Use          

Useful external links and resources

3DPrintUK have made useful guides and tutorials

Getting STL Files Right

Exporting from Software

Hubs have some great information and guides on printing technology the limitations

What is 3D Printing

Key considerations

Machine specific slicing software

Each printer manufacture uses its own in-house slicing and formatting software, these are free to download and can be a useful resource for you to check if models fit on the build platform and how much the print will cost – although this will be discussed during file drop-off

CHITUBOX Slicer for SLS Resin/Phrozen Mighty 8K

Ultimaker Cura Software

Bambu Studio 

Preform for SLS Nylon/Fuse1 


3D printing / Laser Cutting / CNC Routing can be paid for via the estore

University E-Store

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