Cordless Drill

  • Cordless Drill/Driver
  • Workshop Category: W2
  • Workshop Risk Category: Green Label


Suitable for Perspex/acrylic, wood, some metals, according to type of drill bit. The cordless drill has an adjustable chuck that accepts bits or cutters. It is powered by a rechargable battery. To avoid accidents, the following operational safety rules must be observed by everyone working
on the cordless drill.

Start with a Risk Assessment to ensure a safe work area:

  1. Safety glasses should be worn.
  2. Remove loose fitting clothing, jewellery, and tie back long hair.
  3.  Give the work your undivided attention.
  4. Do not wear gloves or anything that would allow a hand, fingers or clothing to be wrapped around the revolving bit.
  5. To obtain a drill speak to the workshop manager or one of the student helpers.

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. Without any drill bit attached, make sure the drill is charged and working. If the battery runs out, charge it using the charger provided.
  2. The drill battery is charged once the light on the charging panel turns green.
  3. When inserting a drill bit make sure is properly tighten up.
  4. Make sure the direction is spinning is according to what you want to do (drilling holes, screwing in or screwing out screws).
  5. Use the recommended speed for the material you are drilling.
  6. In case of screwdriver bits, make sure the screw head fits the screwdriver bit.
  7. When drilling holes secure the material with clamps and don’t drill into the table or clamp (use an additional layer of waste material if necessary).
  8. If the screwdriver bit keeps “skipping” while screwing in screws, replace the screw and the screwdriverbit if necessary.
  9. Pre-drilled holes for screws should be smaller than the screw itself. Always measure your drill bits before doing your job.
  10. In case of deeper holes, drill in and out repeatedly to remove the wood dust from the drill bit.
  11. Don’t touch the drill bit and shavings since they are hot immediately after drilling. Wait until theyhave cooled down.
  12. Once you finish with the drill return it to one of the staff.



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