RISO Printer

A RISO is a type of digital duplicator that functions as a printer and copier. It is a printing technology that combines aspects of both traditional copy machines and modern digital printers using a process called “digital duplicating” or “risography.” This method is similar to screen printing, where ink is pushed through a stencil onto the paper.

Unlike laser or inkjet printers the RISO uses a drum and master mechanism – the master is a thin, porous sheet mounted on a cylindrical drum. The RISO creates a stencil on the master by burning tiny holes in it which then allows ink to pass through it and onto the paper.

Our RISO is a two drum model meaning two drums of different colours – out of a choice of 6 – are used to make the print.

While the colour options are limited compared to traditional inkjet or laser printers and they won’t produce the same level of detail, RISO printing offers a range of design benefits, including vibrant colours, unique aesthetics, texture – and support for layering and overprinting to create interesting effects combining multiple colours and images. Experimenting with different layering techniques can result in unique and visually dynamic designs.


Please contact Francis in the first instance to discuss your print requirements in terms of the colours / results you would like.

The machine can work in “analogue” mode – where you are using it like a copier to use scans as the basis of your print – or “digital” mode where you print direct from the PC. If you bring along the work to be scanned or a suitable file; e.g. a PDF of the work, then we can use the RISO software to give a fairly accurate preview of how this would be output – before actually printing anything.

For your final prints you would need to purchase a session from the University e-store for £5.

This session will be:

  • Carried out by a member of staff at an arranged time
  • 2 Masters from 2 of the following colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Florescent Orange
  • 10 x prints on the standard paper

The School section of the University e-store includes links to workshop related activities as well as the RISO printing option.

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