Epson 4900

Within the photography studio we now have an Epson 4900 for you to use. This wonderful machine sadly led a sheltered life for a while, but with a little tlc she’s back in business and ready to print*



  • Sheet based media from A4 up to A2+
  • Paper thickness’ from 0.08 mm – 1.5 mm
  • 12 inks that can reproduce 98% on the Pantone colour range
  • Very good registration for double sided printing

The machine is hooked up to an iMac that has Adobe CC installed and has a colour calibrated screen to help you reproduce your artwork more accurately. To book time on the printer, simply email Robbie on

There will eventually be a small fee to cover the cost of the inks, although this is not in effect at this time.

Top tips!

Whilst the printer will print on any paper type, ink will tend to bleed on non treated paper. Please make sure your paper is inkjet compatible for the best results.

If you which to print double sided and without ink bleed, please ensure your paper is treated on both sides, as 90% of inkjet paper is only treated on one side.

Borderless printing is only achievable on A4 & A3 paper sizes and quality is not guaranteed 3mm from the edge

It is best to use paper larger than you need for double sided printing so that you can print crop/trim marks

Double sided printing is not possible direct from inDesign, it is best to print from a PDF or a Jpeg/PSD file


*As mentioned above, a bit a work has has gone into bringing this machine back to life. She is still not printing perfectly with some images having faint lines running through them due to the Light Grey printhead not yet printing up to spec. This will dissipate with use however as these types of machines need to be used regularly to keep in tip top shape. Due to this, we will not be charging for the printers use until this minor fault has corrected itself, all we ask is that you supply your own paper.