Medium Risk Power Tools – Metal Bandsaw, Jigsaw, Router, Nail Gun

  • Makita DPB181Z Metal Bandsaw
  • Metal rod and tube
  • Cutting

  • DeWalt DCS331N Jigsaw
  • Timber, manufactured board, plastic and metal sheet
  • Cutting

  • Makita RT0700CX4 Router 
  • Timber, manufactured board, and plastic 
  • Shaping 

  • DeWalt DCN660N Nail Gun 
  • Timber and manufactured board
  • Joining  

All Power Tools listed are;

  • Workshop Category: W3
  • Workshop Risk Category: Orange : Medium Risk

Start with a Risk Assessment to ensure a safe work area:

  1. Appropriate PPE to be worn, P3 respirator (mask), and goggles
  2. Remove loose fitting clothing, jewellery, and tie back long hair
  3. Give the work your undivided attention
  4. Make sure the area is clear of people
  5. (Router only) – connect to dust extraction
  6. Ensure machine is clean, and check bit/blade tightness.
  7. To obtain these tools please speak to a member of workshops staff

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. Secure your piece of work so it is fixed and does not move during cutting
  2. Without the power supply connected, ensure blades or router bits are fitted securely
  3. Where possible, the tool needs to be plugged in to the adapter and then the power supply on the FESTOOL mobile dust extractor. The metal bandsaw does not have an extraction port
  4. Once everything is plugged in correctly, the extractor needs to be set on AUTO and the adapter turned on (green light)
  5. Ensure you have been inducted on the tooling – if you haven’t speak to a workshop staff member
  6. Do not use these tools for prolonged lengths of time, take breaks of 15 minutes every 30 minutes

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