Save Paper when printing to A2

Currently the Colourwave Plotter will cut an A1 area of paper even when you send an A2 – so around 30% of paper is wasted.

Until we can put a server side fix in place you can make a tweak yourself to stop this happening.

In the plot dialogue / print settings for these queues:

  • Standard-plot-dst-cw700-q1
  • Premium-plot-dst-cd700-q3
  • Ptype4-Plot-dst-CW700-Q4
  • Ptype5-Plot-DST-CW700-Q5
  • Ptype6-Plot-DST-CE700-Q6

select ADVANCED – scroll down to CUT METHOD – set this to PRINTER DEFAULT

Then only the height of an A2 is rolled out.


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