DesignStudios: Covid Measures

In response to the ongoing pandemic situation we are implementing measures to enable staff and students to utilise the School’s specialist technical resources in a safe, managed way. The details below relate specifically to the specialist facilities and must be read in conjunction with wider University and Campus guidelines detailed on the University Coronavirus Pages



Detailed layouts and quotas for each of the studio (and lab 2001) can be downloaded as a PDF file from here

  • All studio spaces will be for timetabled classes only – unfortunately you will not be able to visit and work in studios unless part of a timetabled session.
  • You must not leave portfolios / models in studios; please bring and take away only what you need for your timetabled session.
  • Studio tables MUST NOT BE MOVED from their designated locations; seating must also be at the points at tables indicated.
  • Entrance to taught sessions will be managed so you will filter in gradually and fill up spaces from the back, etc.

Home Studio / Remote Working

We have created a number of guides and information pages describing how to carry out particular studio related tech-tasks with your own devices for low or no cost:

  • Photogrammetry: Create 3d mesh models of objects and spaces using a series of (phone) camera shots and free to download software
  • Mobile Phone 3d Scanner: Apps to utilise a mobile phone’s face recognition technology to 3d scan smaller objects.
  • Sketchfab: Utilise this free “Instagram of 3d” resource to upload a 3d model for viewing and examining in a browser window or App.
  • Software Tutorials: List of free learning resources for popular software
  • Software Available to Students: A list of software that you can download for use on your own machine
  • Machine Buying Spec: Considerations for machine specifications if you are planning to buy

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