DesignStudios: Covid Measures

In response to the ongoing pandemic situation we are implementing measures to enable staff and students to utilise the School’s specialist technical resources in a safe, managed way. The details below relate specifically to the specialist facilities and must be read in conjunction with wider University and Campus guidelines detailed on the University Coronavirus Pages


  • Open access PCs in studio: a limited number of machines will be available for pre-booking only.  AM / PM sessions, no “walk-ups”
  • Remote access PCS: connect directly to one of the studio workstations and have direct access to its software and processing power from your home machine.
  • Remote Desktop VDI: connect to “virtual” desktop for lightweight, short-visit activities such as plotting.
  • Click and collect plotting:  send plots from home for collection from a Uni pickup point (note: the instruction is still for you to present and submit digitally and keep any physical plotting to a minimum)
  • Laptops: there will be no laptop loaning service


Detailed layouts and quotas for each of the studio (and lab 2001) can be downloaded as a PDF file from here

  • All studio spaces will be for timetabled classes only – unfortunately you will not be able to visit and work in studios unless part of a timetabled session.
  • You must not leave portfolios / models in studios; please bring and take away only what you need for your timetabled session.
  • Studio tables MUST NOT BE MOVED from their designated locations; seating must also be at the points at tables indicated.
  • Entrance to taught sessions will be managed so you will filter in gradually and fill up spaces from the back, etc.

Home Studio / Remote Working

We have created a number of guides and information pages describing how to carry out particular studio related tech-tasks with your own devices for low or no cost:

  • Photogrammetry: Create 3d mesh models of objects and spaces using a series of (phone) camera shots and free to download software
  • Mobile Phone 3d Scanner: Apps to utilise a mobile phone’s face recognition technology to 3d scan smaller objects.
  • Sketchfab: Utilise this free “Instagram of 3d” resource to upload a 3d model for viewing and examining in a browser window or App.
  • Software Tutorials: List of free learning resources for popular software
  • Software Available to Students: A list of software that you can download for use on your own machine
  • Machine Buying Spec: Considerations for machine specifications if you are planning to buy

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