Studio Floor Summer Arrangements

From Monday 24th July the studios will be open:

  • Monday – Friday : 8.30AM  – 8.30PM
  • Saturday / Sunday 8.30 AM – 6.00PM

The Travel Photographer of the Year Exhibition will be running from 4th of August until the 3rd September.  During this time most of the studio floor will be given over to that.  Studio 1019 will be available for general studio use and the computer areas will be open – however you will need to access these areas via the rear fire stairs (near the workshop).

Architecture work left over from the End of Year Show will be stored in the racks in 1010 and shelves beside 1015.  Landscape work will be on the shelves in 1019.  Please note that any work or portfolios still here in October will be recycled / disposed of.

Please note also that there will be computer software and upgrades taking place so possibility of disruption durning these months.

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