Academic Year 2022-2023

Stockwell Street Design Studios :
Opening Times until Monday 19th September 2022: 8.30AM – 9.00 PM
Opening Times from Monday 19th September 2022: 8.30AM – 12.00 Midnight

Tables / walls will be reset to these layouts each weekday morning

Walls in 1020 may only be moved by tech personnel

Studio Code of Conduct

Please avoid disturbing tutorials / classes by walking through them or being unduly loud near them.

Portfolios and models should be left tidily in the racks / shelves provided – with your name attached.  Items left lying around may be moved to shelves, long term unclaimed items will be disposed of.

Exercise caution when moving walls/dividers; check for obstructions, open floor boxes, etc. in the path of moving dividers.

Do not stand on tables or chairs to reach higher places – use the kicker stools or step ladders provided.  

Studio furniture must not be taken away from the floor.

No spray mounting / spray painting / soldering anywhere in the studio – this can be done in the outside or in workshop

No small electrical items such as KETTLES, TOASTERS, MICROWAVE OVENS, HEATERS – these will be confiscated.

Hot food should NOT to be consumed at the computers or within the computing areas. Smelly food is also NOT acceptable in the studio when it affects those around you.

Please report building issues such as leaks, power problems and other hazards to a member of staff or FM helpdesk

Student Studio Assistants – identified by “SUPPORT STAFF” shirts – are on duty to offer assistance with computing / printing / studio activities during core hours.

Stockwell Street Reception security personnel are First Aid trained; in the event that such attention is needed contact / inform front desk reception.

Please do not leave laptops and valuables left unattended

Take responsibility for YOUR studio by clearing up after yourselves; the cleaners can’t clean the floor if they can’t see it.  There are bins and brooms around the studio – please use them.

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