Key Dates 2020 : Timetable SUSPENDED

All key dates running up to the final submissions, end of year show and end of term are now SUSPENDED due to the current situation. A revised schedule will be published when conditions allow.

Monday 20th April

  • 24/5 Hour Access BEGINS (Proposed)
  • First / Second Floor S11

Monday 27th April

  • Final Submission
  • BA Architecture Year ONE

Wednesday 29th April

  • Final Submission
  • BA Architecture Year TWO

Monday 4th May

  • Final Submission
  • MArchitecture Year ONE

Tuesday 5th May

  • Final Submission
  • BA Architecture Year THREE

Wednesday 6th May

  • Final Submission
  • MArchitecture Year TWO

Thursday 7th May

  • Final Submission
  • BA / MA / MLA Landscape Architecture All Years

Friday 8th May

  • 24/5 Hour Access ENDS (Proposed)
  • First / Second Floor S11

Monday 11th-14th May

  • Install by SECOND YEAR Graphics / Animation students
  • Studios 1001 – 1006

Friday 15th May

  • SECOND YEAR Graphics / Animation Show
  • Studios 1001 – 1006

Monday 18th-22nd May

  • Deinstall by Students
  • 2nd year graphics show takedown

Monday 18th-22nd May

  • Studios 1001-1006 :Graphics / Media / Animation.

Tuesday 26-29 May (Monday is a BH)

  • Install by students
  • Graphics / Media / Animation

Tuesday 26-29th May:

  • Studios 10-21 (Architecture and Landscape)

Monday 1-3 June:

  • Marking
  • Graphics / Media / Animation

Monday 1-5th June:

  • Install
  • Architecture install (going into weekend if necessary)

Monday 1-5th June:

  • 1-5th June: Ground floor build and installation / FTV

Monday 8/9th June:

  • Rehang (where required)
  • Graphics / Media / Animation

Wednesday 10th June

  • Opening 6.00PM

Saturday 27 June

  • Open Day
  • Show closes 6PM

Sunday 28 June – 5th July

  • Deinstall by all students
  • Students to collect own work

Monday July 6th – July 10th

  • Deinstall
  • Remaining student work is moved to holding area

Monday July 13th – 24th

  • All first floor studio
  • Contractors to dismantle show and make good studios for beginning of term

Friday 28th August

  • Disposal
  • Unclaimed student work to be disposed / recycled

Academic Year 2019-2020 : What’s New

Here are some of the changes and additions for the design resources in Stockwell Street this new academic year.

New Studio Layout


Studio layout has changed; the tall walls in the crit pit put up for exhibition will now stay.  These walls are now open ended with shelving inside for extra portfolio storage in the studios.  More tables and chairs have been purchased too as well as new wheelable roll cages for tidier storage and transport of models / media / drawings.

Please make use of the extra storage – this year we are required to be tidier and less cluttered with work and models, etc. Please identify models and portfolios as your own – we may move these to storage shelves if they are cluttering the spaces.

The areas assigned to course groups have changed too; broadly the user / studio arrangement is like this

  • 1001 / 1002 : Landscape Architecture
  • 1003 / 1004 / 1005 / 1006 : Graphic Design
  • Crit Pit / 1020: Architecture
  • 1010 / 1019 : Shared studios


Software Updates :

  • Autodesk 2020 [about to be installed]
  • Sketchup 2019
  • Zbrush 2019
  • Cinema 4d r20
  • Blender 2.8
  • Vray Next

New software: 

  • KeyShot 8 – standalone renderer for Rhino, Sketchup etc.  Easy to use and fast.
  • Insta360 Studio – 360 camera editing
  • Cyclone Register 360. Laser Scanner registration and processing software

Plotting and Equipment

The plotting software has changed, we are now using Uniflow.  Prices have stayed the same, but now you will plot per area of plot – meaning you can choose any of the standard ISO sizes or make a custom size plot (for example a long plot).  The price is calculated according to the area and you will get a confirmation dialogue with the price for that area before going ahead.

New sheet feed plotter – we have an additional Canon TX-3000 plotter which has replaced the old sheet feed plotter.  Higher quality and faster – plots are also now charged per area of plot.

New Laser Printers: All of the A3/A4 laser printers in the University have been replaced.  The new models are faster, higher quality and deal with heavy PDF files better.  When printing duplex the second (back) page costs less.

NEW Ideal 4315 electric guillotine: this is a guillotine that will let you cut up to 40mm thick reams of paper / card in one go. It has an electric gauge and laser guide to allow precise measurements of cuts.  MUST NOT to be used with Perspex / wood etc. You will require the key to unlock and use this cutter – this will be available from support staff

Insta EVO 360 Camera

Camera for recording 360 degree movies and stills (used for creating video at top of this page). Includes “invisible” selfie stick.


NEW Ultimaker 5S 3D Printer: this is a new larger printer that allows print volumes of 330 x 240 x 300 mm. Small but important feature of this printer is that it will pause when it runs out of material the resume when it is refilled.

NEW laser cutter: Universal ILS9.150D can cut sheets up to 914 x 610. It is much more powerful than the old laser cutter it is replacing and much faster. The focus this year will be on all students doing their own laser cutting for straightforward jobs.

Key Dates: Summer Arrangements

Key Dates

Monday 1st July

Show take down for students

– Students to collect exhibition work this week. Please take any work you want to keep, or arrange for a colleague to collect it for you.  

Monday 8th July

Contractor Take down

– Any work still remaining in the exhibition will be moved to a collection pile between plot area and crit pit.

– While we will endeavour to have work moved and stored carefully we strongly advise you to take away important work as soon as possible.

– All portfolios in computer areas (and second floor seminar rooms) moved to storage rack between plotters and computer area

– Graduating students should also take away any items remaining in the workshop – continuing students must make arrangements with the workshop if items are to remain there.

Wednesday 24th July

– Lockers and black cupboards to be emptied, inspected, batteries replaced. 

[31st July – Resubmissions]

Monday 5th August

– Network Shared Area; S: drive to be wiped.  Please back up. It is full

– If you do need to retain work here then please move it to a folder named “2020-your name”, anything else will be deleted

Monday 2nd September

– Recycling / disposal of any remaining exhibition work still in temporary storage area.

– Items of interest may be used elsewhere for display or demonstration purposes but there is very limited space for retaining models.

Monday 16th September

– Term begins [induction week]

Monday 23rd September

– Teaching begins

Monday 30th September

– Recycling of remaining portfolios; portfolios to be emptied of contents and made available to new students

Design Studio :: Key Dates 2019

April 29 / 30 : Enterprise Event in Crit Pit and Studios 1001-1006 (work, models, portfolios will need temporarily to be moved elsewhere)

April 29 / May 3 : PLOT SLAM. Bring properly sized PDF’s to support office for 25% discount on plots

April 15 : 24 Hour Access Starts (Mon-Fri only; Sat / Sun midnight finish)

April 29 : First Year Graphics Submission [Typo – Magazine]

May 6 : Early May Bank Holiday

May 7 – 9 : Second Year Show SETUP

May 8 Submissions:

  • Submission: Architecture Year 1
  • Submission: Architecture Year 2
  • Submission: Architecture Year 3

May 9 Submissions:

  • Submission: Landscape Architecture Year 1
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture Year 2
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture Year 3
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture MLA1
  • Submission: Landscape Architecture MLA2

May 10 Submission:

  • Submission: Architecture Year 4
  • Submission: Architecture Year 5

May 10 – 13 Second Year Show 11_1001 – 11_1006

May 13 : Second Year Graphics Submission [Branding Portfolio]

May 15 : Third Year Graphics Submission [Professional Portfolio]

May 17 : 24 Hour Access Ends

May 20-25 : Exhibition Build: Graphics / 3D/ Media 11_1001 – 11_1006

May 27 : Late May Bank Holiday

May 28 – June 1st: Exhibition Build: Architecture / Landscape Architecture

May 29 : Workshop Deadline: Plinths / Exhibition Furniture

May 28-31 : Exhibition Hanging: Graphics / 3D / Media

June 3 – 7 : Exhibition Hanging: Architecture / Landscape Architecture

June 3 – 7 : Ground Floor Build / Install

June 3 – 7 : Marking: Graphics / 3D / Media


June 12 : Studio Floor CLOSED: For Deep Clean, catering setup, H&S inspection, etc.

June 12 : Exhibition Opening Night 6.00PM

June 28 : Final Day of public opening

June 29 : Open Day (Exhibition remains on display)

July 1 – 5 : Take down / collection of student work

July 8 – 12 : Exhibition Takedown

Design Studio :: Key Dates 2018/2019

Building S11 Operating Hours and Security

Opening hours for the Christmas break and details of the 24 hour operation which will start on 24thNovember:

Christmas / New Year Closure Dates

Closes:                         Friday 21st December 2018 / 5.00PM

Re-opens:                    Wednesday 2nd January 2019 / 8.00AM

24 Hour Opening

The 24 hour opening period for S11 Studios and 2nd Floor spaces is:

Monday 26th November – Friday 14th December (midnight)


Wednesday 2nd January – Friday 11th January (midnight)


  • 24 Hour Opening is for Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday only:  
  • Saturday and Sundays are midnight closing


Please exercise sensible security practice while in studios:

  • Don’t leave laptops and valuables unattended
  • Report suspicious behaviour to security staff
  • University and REASSURANCE security staff will patrol the areas
  • Keep Gateway Card on you at all times – you may be asked to leave if you do not have it with you
  • In the event of a fire alarm activation please leave immediately by following the fire exit signs to the nearest exit – use the enclosed stair cores rather than the open stairs.
  • No sleeping! Staff will wake anyone caught napping; Please go home when you are too tired to work.



New for 2018 / 2019

New Machines: Teaching Lab 2001

This room has had all machines replaced; it now consists of

10 x HP Z6 Workstations with the following spec

  • Intel DUAL Xeon 8 core CPU
  • 64GB Ram
  • NVIDIA Quadro P4000 8GB Graphics Card
  • 1TB SSD
  • 3d connexion space mouse
  • 27 inch UHD screen

30 x Dell Precision 5720 AIO Chassis

  • Intel Xeon Processor E3-1225 v5 (Quad Core)
  • 64GB (4x16GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-ECC 1 SR
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 Graphics
  • 1TB SSD
  • Touch Screen


Design Studio Computing

  • Canon TX300 Large format scanner / Photo glossy plotter
  • 5 additional Xeon HP Z6 workstations (to be installed)


  • Rhino 6
  • Vray NEXT for 3ds
  • Vray 3.4 for Rhino / Sketchup
  • 3DF Zephyr Photogrammetry [to be installed]
  • Autodesk 2019
  • Adobe 2018


  • Mini Pewter furnace – for casting in pewter
  • 3D Printer – Formlabs Form 2 SLA printer
  • Large Belt Sander
  • Soldering station

Exhibition 2018 Key Dates

The end of year show is open to the public 14th – 30th June.

After this date the show will still be up for various internal / private events the last of which is on the Tuesday 17th July.

The show takedown will begin on Wednesday 18th July:

  • 17thJuly                       :           VC Dinner [final show event]
  • 18th– 22rdJuly             :           Show takedown – Students [please collect your own work or make arrangements for it to be collected]
  • 23rdJuly                       :           Any remaining student work taken down and put in temporary storage area
  • 22rdJuly – 27th            :           Show takedown – Contractors [contractors to dismantle walls and rearrange studios]
  • 31stAugust                :          Deadline for work collection – Disposal / Recycling

Do NOT take work away before 18th July

Note: portfolios / drawing tubes will not be disposed.  These will move to the portfolio racks. Any portfolios / tubes still remaining by the beginning of next term will have their contents disposed of and then be offered to new students.



End of Year Studio Cleanup

The 2018 end of year show starts on Wednesday 13th June and requires all models / materials / portfolios to be cleared from the first floor studios.

In preparation for this we will be carrying out a phased disposal / recycle of items currently in studios:

Throughout the next few weeks we will be moving items around the studio to a holding area – this is the tables in front of the wall between the CritPit and plotting area.


On each Friday before the exhibition the contents of these tables will be considered unwanted and will be disposed / recycled.

For work required for the show we will provide a safe storage area – details to be confirmed shortly.

Please note that we will WILL NOT dispose of portfolios.  The portfolio recycling routine is for us to move all portfolios onto the portfolio racks for reclaiming.  Those portfolios still remaining by the second week of term will have their contents disposed of and the portfolios themselves are made available to students needing them in the next academic year.

Keys dates for the disposal of work

  • Friday 25th May
  • Friday 1st June
  • Friday 8th June

Please assist us by taking home any work you wish to keep as soon as possible.

End of Year / Exhibition :: Key Dates

Here are key dates for activities running up to the final submission and End of Year show. (dates subject to change)

30th April                     :           Graphics Year 2 final submission

30th April                     :           Signage up to clear 1001-1006 by the 8th

1/2/3 May                   :           Plot Slam (reduced price plotting)

1st & 4th May               :           Graphics Year 1 final submission

1st May                        :           MA Digital Arts Launch – Crit Pit

9th May                     :           BA Arch 1/2/3 final submission

8th May                        :           Second year CPDA show fitout

10th May – 14th          :           Second Year CPDA Show

11th May                     :           MArch / MLA&MA&BA Landscape final submission

14th May                      :           CPDA Advanced Projects final submission

15-18 May                   :           1005/1006 CPDA reserved space

17th May                      :           Student Lead Teaching Awards (eve)– Crit Pit (& project space)

**17th May                  :           Workshop Deadline CPDA for orders for exhibition plinths etc.

18 May                        :           Delivery of exhibition materials (store in 1010)

18 May                        :           24 Hour Studio opening finishes (midnight close from now on)

21 May                        :           Graphics Year 3 Final Submission

21 May – 25 May       :           CPDA Exhibition Fitout (by contractors) – 5 days (SHED)

23 May                        :           ALS EC Resubmission

**24th May                  :           Workshop Deadline ALS for orders for exhibition plinths etc.

29 May – 1 June          :           CPDA Hanging (by students / staff)

29 May – 2 June         :           ALS Exhibition Fitout (by contractors) – 5 days (28th holiday)

4 – 8 June                    :           CPDA Marking

4 – 12 June                  :           ALS Hanging (by students / staff)

11th/12th June             :           CPDA Rehanging / adjusting

13th June                     :           SHOW STARTS (no access to studio floor after 9.00AM)

July 2nd July                 :           Show closed to public

17th July                       :           VC Dinner

18th – 23rd July             :           Show takedown – Students collect own work

23rd July                       :           Remaining student work taken down and put to one side

23rd July – 27th            :           Show takedown – Contractors

31st August                  :           Deadline for work collection – Disposal / Recycling






S11 Studios :: 24 Hour Opening Times

S11 First Floor Studios will be operating 24 hours April / May 2018

Opening hours:

  • Monday 9th April – Thursday 17th May (inclusive)
    Monday – Sunday : 24 Hours
  • Friday 18th May – Tuesday 12th June
    Monday – Sunday : Midnight closing
  • Wednesday 13th June
    Summer Exhibition Opening.
    No access to the studio floor after 9.00AM until the show starts

During the extended opening times security staff from Reassurance Security Services will be monitoring the space alongside University security staff.

No access to 2nd / 3rd Floors

Please keep your University Gateway card on you at all times

Students will be asked to go home in the event they found are sleeping

Report disruptive behaviour to member of security staff