Plotting and Printers not showing

We are having issues with plotters on PCs not automatically appearing in the list of devices. If you cannot see a plotter then you can manually add using these steps:

Click the Windows Start Button in the bottom left hand corner:



in the Search box type


This will bring up a big list of plotters and printers.
In the top right hand search box type


This filters the list just to the printers and plotters in our print area.


Identify the plotter you want from the list and double click to install it. It is then available to print to from any application.


STANDARD-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q1 :: A2/A1/A0 Standard Paper
PREMIUM-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q3 :: A2/A1/A0 240GSM MATT paper
PTYPE4-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q4 :: A2/A1/A0 Tracing Paper
PTYPE5-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q5 :: A2/A1/A0 Textured Paper
PTYPE6-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q6 :: A2/A1/A0 Satin Semi-gloss Paper
PLOT-DST-T1300 :: Sheet Feed Plotter

Oce Colorwave 700 Plotter

We have a new large format / large volume plotter: an Oce Colorwave 700


This machine replaces the HP DesignJet T7100 Plotter.  It is a much faster and higher quality plotter and it allows for printing on various media types.  PRICES HAVE NOT CHANGED

Please note we will be testing and trying out different media types initially – please feel free to give feedback and suggestions on which media you like or would like to see.

To start off with we shall be offering the following media:

Paper Type Queue Name  A2/A1/A0   Roll
Top Color Paper 120gsm
STANDARD-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q1 £1 / £2 / £4 R1 + 2
Top Color Paper 200 gsm
PREMIUM-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q3 £2 / £4 / £8 R3
Inkjet Tracing Paper 90gsm
PTYPE4-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q4 £1 / £2 / £4 R4
Wallpaper Non-woven 120gsm
PTYPE5-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q5 £2 / £4 / £8 R5
Photo Paper
Instant Dry Photo Paper – Satin
PTYPE6-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q6 £2 / £4 / £8 R6

You can plot from the Macs – but currently only to the Standard and Premium queues.

We shall leave samples of media types pinned up around the S11 Print area for you to have a look at.

Easter Opening and 24 hour opening


For the Easter two week break covering the period of Saturday 19th March to Monday 4th April we will be operating the following times

S11 First Floor Design Studios and Computer Areas

  • Monday 21st to Thursday 24th March : 8.00AM – Midnight
  • Friday 25th – Sunday 27th March : 9.00AM – Midnight
  • Monday 28th April : Opening at 9.00AM then the studios are 24 hours.


  • Every day except weekends and Good Friday / Easter Monday :10.00 – 4.30
  • Monday 4th April onwards; usual times of 10.00 – 4.30



  • Monday 21st to Thursday 24th March : 12.30 – 4.30 (Full workshop operation)
  • Tuesday 29th March – Friday 1st April : 10.00 – 4.30 (Restricted workshop operation – laser cutting / small tools only):: REVISED – MORNINGS NOW OPEN TOO
  • Monday 4th April onwards; usual times of 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday



  • Every day except weekends and Good Friday / Easter Monday :9.00 – 4.30
  • Monday 4th April onwards; usual times of 9.00 – 4.30


24 Hour Opening

Starting on Monday 28th March until Monday 16th May (inclusive) we will be going 24 hours in the First Floor design studios (as will the Library building).

For out of hours cover we will be employing staff from a company called Reassurance to patrol the area.  As well as performing duties such as refilling paper and plotters and clearing away obvious rubbish they will also be enforcing the following rules:

  • No hot, smelly takeaway food in studios!
  • No alcohol
  • No students on second floor or above
  • Sleeping students will be asked to go home.
  • Students engaging in rowdy / noisy behaviour will be asked to quieten down or leave.





Machine Restrictions on Design Studio Machines

Machines in the first floor design studios are now login restricted just to staff and students of the two departments of CPDA and Architecture & Landscape.  If you are a student or staff member of another Department or Faculty then you will not be able to login.  We would ask that non department users visit the library open computing spaces, or those in King William, Queen Anne, Queen Mary, etc.  The University of Greenwich mobile app can show where there are free machines for use elsewhere on the campus



We have brought in this restriction so that department students can access specialised software and equipment that is unavailable elsewhere in the University.  There are two large format plotters in the library plus A1 scanner.


New workshop Equipment: T65 Sliding-Table Saw

We have a new sliding table saw, or panel saw in the workshop – a Martin T65 Sliding-Table Saw


This is a sawing machine with a sliding table that can cut large sheets of wood, perspex, laminates, plastics etc cleanly and with very high accuracy.   The movement of the blade height and angle are electronically controlled and the machine always knows the saw blade width and diameter.  It has a large cutting height of 204 mm and a tilting angle of 0 to 46° to provides greater flexibility for complex tasks.

This machine is operated only by qualified technical personnel. Please contact the Stockwell Street workshop for further information


Christmas Break Opening Times

The opening times over the Christmas break are as follows

Design Studios

  • Closes:  Thursday 24th December 2015; Midday
  • Reopens:  Monday 4th January 2016; 8.00 AM


  • Closes: Friday 18th December 2015; 4.30PM
  • Reopens: Monday 4th January 2016; 10.00 AM

Photographic Studio

  • Closes: Friday 18th December 2015; 4.30PM
  • Reopens: Monday 4th January 2016; 10.00 AM


TV Studios / Editing Suites 

  • Closes: Thursday 24th December 2015; Midday
  • Reopens: Monday 4th January 2016; 10.00 AM


Note: the Library building will be re-opening on Saturday 2nd January – they have two plotters there.

Have a good break!


Summer Opening Hours

These are our opening hours over the Summer 2015 July – September

First Floor Design Studios and Computer Areas

Monday – Friday 8.30 – 6.00PM

Weekends: Closed

Please note that machines and plotters are being re-installed / moved / upgraded so there may be interruptions to service


Photo Studios and Animation Rooms

By appointment only – please mail Robbie first


Model Workshop

By appointment only – there is a lot of equipment going in here.  Please mail Owen first


TV and Film Studios

Please mail the TV Team for access

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