KW102 – Gaming PCs

KW102 is the game development lab. With brand new computers, most recent updates and specialist programs, this is a place where you will want to spend a lot of your time!

There are 31 high performance Alienware PCs with dual monitors. They are used for a variety of courses that need powerful GPUs (game development, machine learning, VR with Oculus Rifts), and they have specialist software for that – it’s hard to find a better place for this kind of work! Sadly, only 16 PCs (green on the floor plan) will be available to students due to social distancing – the rest will be for remote users.

The room has multiple air conditioners, but it can still get pretty hot. Be careful!

To Maintain Social Distancing:

  • Green PCs are available to be used
  • Red PCs are NOT available to be used
Floor plan of KW102 – main entrance at the bottom!

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