I: drive

About the I: drive

Students on some web development modules will be instructed to create web pages, asp.net projects, etc on their I: drive as part of their tutorials or coursework.

How to access your I: drive

If you are using Windows at the University, or are using the virtual Lab Desktop, then your I: drive can be mapped by browsing to the S: drive, opening the ‘CMS’ folder and running (double clicking on) ‘map-i-drive.exe’.

If you don’t have an I: drive setup, or have any problems accessing it, please contact¬†cms-support@gre.ac.uk¬†or visit the support counter in KW116 and a member of the support team will help you. If you email us, please ensure you include your University username, and a screenshot of any error messages you receive when you run the ‘map-i-drive.bat’ batch file.

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