Equipment Click & Collect

Need to book a slot for self-collection?

Please refer to the guidelines below and visit Moodle: Equipment Click & Collect

Please note the following:

As of 1st January 2023, the Computing and Mathematics school, and therefore the King William Labs, have been transferred to the Faculty of Engineering.   As such, we will not be able to take equipment bookings from other faculties, including FLAS.

If you are not in the Faculty of Engineering, you will need to contact your own local support team to see what help they can offer.

  1. Visit and enroll yourself in this module via Moodle: Equipment Click & Collect

  2. Then select the available slots for the laptop collection by clicking the “Book Slot” button. If you need to make a change later, you can revisit this page.

  3. After clicking the “Book Slot” button, you will be directed to the booking interface which required you to mention (You are not allowed to submit the slot without filling up the required message)
    -Full Name
    -University email address
    -Your role (student/staff)
    -Extra Notes

    Please refer to the example below:

  4. If you are a STUDENT, you will be required to attach a copy screenshot of the authorization from your lecturer (e.g. Email) before loaning a laptop from the FLAS Labs Counter. IF NOT, we can’t allocate a laptop to you.

  5. After submitting your booking, you can also “Edit Booking” or “Cancel Booking” on the same webpage.

  6. Last, the FLAS Labs Team will reply to your appointment via email as soon as possible. Cheers!

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