King William Computer Labs

Summer Improvement Work

What’s changing?

KW015 – Powerful PCs Lab

  • New furnitures are coming in this lab, please look forward to a new fancy outlook!

KW102 – Gaming Labs

  • NEW HIGH-PERFORMANCE GAMING PCs are now setting up for this lab, stay tuned!!!

KW103A & KW103B

  • These labs are now refurbishing with new desks and noise cancelling panels
  • NEW PCs are replacing the iMacs in KW103A
  • NEW forensic PCs and All In One PCs in KW103B


  • This lab to be repurposed to secondary Gaming Lab
  • All the previous gaming pcs are going to be rehomed from KW102 to this lab
  • NEW 4K monitors


  • This labs to be repurposed from iMac lab to PC lab
  • All the previous PCs from KW215 are going to be rehomed into this lab

The King William building contains computer labs and specialist facilities for students studying in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the Maritime Greenwich Campus. It has multiple entrances.

Computers in this building have different software available depending on the room number. Be sure to get to the right place to get what you need! The rooms are: KW015, KW102, KW103A, KW103B, KW116, KW215, KW216, and open areas.

Standard University Installation

This is the standard Windows installation that is used throughout the University. All software is available (except for specialised Multimedia and some Hardware Comms and Forensics software that cannot be run on the University network). You will need to use your standard Windows account to login.

Comms Domain Installation

This installation is unique to the Hardware Comms Lab (116) and only contains specialised software for tasks like packet sniffing.

Forensics installation

This installation is unique to the Forensics Lab (103B) and only contains specialised software like FTK Forensics Toolkit, Encase, and Autopsy.

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