Logging into Oracle for the first time:

1. Open SQL Plus from the start menu (Start button > All Programs > SQL Plus)

2. When choosing a password, avoid totally numeric content as this will cause your database links to fail when you come to set them up.

3. Log in using your username and then enter Obiwan or Quigon (depending on which database you want access to) after the @ symbol:

Oracle login screenshot - step 4

4. At this point you will be prompted for your password.

Oracle login screenshot - step 4

5. If it asks you to change passwords, follow the prompts.

6. When choosing a new password, choose one that starts with a letter and only contains letters, numbers and underscores. If you do not follow these rules, then you may have problems with some features.

7. From the SQL prompt in SQL Plus type ‘Password’, to change your password.

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