Health and Safety

Note: while this information is correct at the time of writing (12th November 2021), the situation may change at any time. The University has a general Covid guidance page that is continually updated with the latest guidance from the University. Please check that link regularly!

You are welcome to use the labs in person, but we do ask you do not close windows, and you do follow any covid advice/rules given to you by us. If you do, please avoid public transport if possible. If you need to use public transport, please avoid the rush hours, and please follow the guidance of the public transport operator.

You are also welcome to access our facilities remotely using instructions on this site.

When you get to the labs, please be aware there are several do’s and don’ts.


  • Clean each workstation before and after use. Cleaning materials will be provided.
  • You are advised to maintain social distance. If you are using a mask, this can be 1m, but should be 2m.
  • You are required to wear a face covering or mask
  • You are advised to wash/sanitise your hands regularly.
  • If the workstation you are using is booked for a class, you may be required to leave it. Please find another station in that case – we will try to ensure some are available at any time!
  • Please follow the directions of any signs in the building, and if asked to do something by a member of staff, do it.
  • Please choose to install and use the SafeZone App (see details and instructions).


  • Use the lifts unless necessary.
  • Go against the flow in a one-way system.
  • Hang around any part of the building, particularly the entrances/exits.
  • Do not come into the University if you are showing any COVID symptoms or feel unwell.

When picking up/returning equipment, please do the following:

  1. Please book an appointment to pick up/return the equipment by emailing servicedesk ( and mentioning that you need to return equipment to King William. Please mention which equipment you need to return.
  2. It may take a couple of days for us to respond with an appointment. It is important that you arrive at the KW116 counter on time, and if you cannot do so, for whatever reason, please let us know. Our contact details are at
  3. Please pick up/return the equipment at the appointed time, and when on campus, you will be required to wear a face covering, and adhere to social distancing guidelines (at the time of writing, they are maintaining 1m distance with a face covering). You have been provided with 2 masks by the University, and these should be used.
  4. When picking up/returning the equipment, follow any directions shown on signage throughout the campus, and any directions given by staff, as these directions may change according to current guidance at the time. This includes any one-way systems present on campus. You will also need to follow any directions given on the University’s Covid-19 information pages.
  5. When you get to the KW116 counter, if returning equipment you need to sanitise both yourselves and the equipment before you hand it back. There will be supplies at the counter to do this. We will also sanitise the equipment.

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