Exporting from Microsoft Access to Oracle

  1. You must do this first!!!

    First runĀ C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe (or type ODBC Data Sources 64-bit on the start menu)

Under User DSN you will see entries for DSN’s you have created for any Uni database servers.

Click Add if you have never connected to a Oracle database before. Select the Oracle driver.

Give the DSN a name, select the TNS Service name from the list and enter your userid. Click test connection. Enter your password.

Afterwards, go back to your already open Microsoft Access database.

Right-click on the table you want to export to Oracle and select ‘Export’. Choose ODBC Database.

Screenshot: Connecting to SQL Server

2. Give the table a name, then click the ‘OK’ button

Screenshot: Connecting to SQL Server

3. Select the appropriate DSN from the list (‘Type’ is system), then click the ‘OK’ button.

Screenshot: Connecting to SQL Server

4. Enter your Oracle credentials (as appropriate)

Screenshot: Connecting to SQL Server

5. Save the export steps if you want to.

Screenshot: Connecting to SQL Server

6. You will now be able to see this table within your Oracle schema. Please use the following code in order to do this:

select * from "customer";

Note that if you type select * from tab it will appear in the case you named it in. To get round this type: 

create table customer as select * from "customer";

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