SQL Server

The instructions on this page are for the School’s SQL Server (hostname: sql-server.gre.ac.uk).

If you do not have a SQL Server database you will need to visit the support counter in lab KW116 or email cms-support@gre.ac.uk to get a database created.

Each database is named by user name, so for example if ‘rk902’ is your user name then ‘rk902’ will be the name of your database. If for any reason you can’t access your database please email cms-support@gre.ac.uk.

Each student is given db_owner role for the database which means you are able to create and delete tables, views, diagrams and stored procedures and grant and deny object permissions.

For examples of connect strings for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET etc please see the relevant pages in the programming section.

Helpful links

Using SQL Server Management Studio
Changing your SQL Server password
Microsoft SQL Server help

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