Deputy Head School of Design Anastasios Maragiannis represents UoG at the LND Design Fair 2019

Anastasios Maragiannis

The diversity + inclusivity by Design: Empowering individuals: international exhibition was featured as part of the London Design Festival and in particular highlighted as part of the SE London design district. This research exhibition reviews the shifting correlation between the designer and the “other”. Our society is changing and as a result of various factors – political, economic and cultural disputes, -we change the way we co-exist; co-participate; co-feeling; co-design. LDN celebrating and promoting London as the design capital of the world. The school of Design participation to LDN 2019 is one among a number of research centres, HEIs, Museums and organisations, placing University of Greenwich among the best in the world.  LDN 2019 attracting more than 500,000 visitors over one week, every year.

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