“What About Us, Empowering Community Voices Project “

Project lead: David Hockham

Universities should serve the community in which they sit, and theatres should engage with the people outside of its doors.”  A mantra at the heat of this project.  But how do you serve a community when you do not know what they want? 

This is a co-led project, working with Galeforce Productions Universal Ltd, The ROMEL Foundation and Dead Rabbits Theatre Company with performance outputs supported by Greenwich Theatre.

Community is a difficult word to engage with because we are not talking about a singular entity. Woolwich has multiple community groups who identify through nationality. The Indian elder’s group, Caribbean social forum, Chinese and polish communities.

This project begins to think about how we engage with individual voices from different social backgrounds, pair people with others from across groups and find ways to help navigate the local social-political scene whilst joining them with experts from within the university.  It joins teaching, research and knowledge exchange whilst allowing us to navigate multiple voices, construct narratives and speak these backs to as wide an audience as possible.

Launch Event Celebrating the Rich Cultural Heritage of the Community we belong to Saturday 30th March

The Bathway Theatre Network is hosting a coffee and cake afternoon to open a dialogue. This will be an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge to understand each other through conversation, performance and cake.

The “What About Us” project aims to listen and build knowledge – Identifying how the Bathway Theatre and its activity can support the local community. We are starting to think of a programme of activity which might occur in and around the building over the next 5-7 years. We’d like you to be a part of that conversation.

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For more information on this project please contact Dave Hockham (hyper link name to staff profile on the university web page)