“Student Experience Qualitative Research”

Project lead: Dr Elena Vacchelli

School of Humanities & Social Sciences Student Experience Project

The student experience project facilitated by Dr. Elena Vacchelli consisted of student led focus groups with participants from across the school of Humanities and Social Sciences. A key aim was to enable students to critically reflect upon their academic experiences, specifically those relating to teaching and learning and Social life at university. They were asked to discuss what worked well for them, and areas for improvement. This was a useful exercise in that it was possible for the identification of good practice across the board which could be shared and implemented in other programmes. It was also an opportunity for students to reflect on the discussion  afterwards, to ensure that their points were captured accurately in the transcription. The transcription and data analysis were undertaken by a Sociology and Psychology second year student Ms Liliana Schiffbauer, but overseen by Dr. Elena Vacchelli. The findings have been fed into the wider University Student Experience strategy. Furthermore, due to the  success our Pro Vice Chancellor, Mark O’Thomas has requested that the focus groups be rolled out to other schools in the faculty.