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Adam Elliott-Cooper is a Human Geographer and a research who look into the stories of different groups of people. We talked about the people and what wounds we have inflicted on each other and what is the way to heal such scars. How power have played its role in UK and US, what are the effects of colonialism in our present time and much more.

Dr. Melissa Sterry  Transdisciplinary design scientist and complex systems theorist recognised as a world leading authority on the science, technology and thinking that could help humanity to build a better world.
We talked about the colourful age of Earth, how nature behave in human restricted activity, history of fire and its lineage, terraforming and science coming out from fiction and the possibility of dark future.

In this addition I talked to Carlos Tanner who founded The Ayahuasca Foundation in 2008. Carlos Tanner, an American and student of curanderismo.

Alex Pheby is a British author and academic. His second novel, Playthings, was described as “the best neuro-novel ever written” in Literary Review.
We talked about the importance of fiction and its impact in world. The variable subjective realities and what are some ways we can have enriching experience of self.
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Seb Alex  is an Animal Rights activism & vegan educator – In this podcast we talked about the food we eat and one of the views on sustainability of our species and what we consider others.
He shared his views on what he has found useful to be a way of living when it comes to eating food and his journey into being a Vegan. We also talked about industrialisation of life forms as lifeless products.
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Simon Ruffell – is a psychiatric doctors working with NHS and have particular interests in psychedelic assisted therapy.
We talked about the development of psychotherapies in the age of overwhelming mental health challenges. We discussed about the research and use of Ayahuasca for aiding our society. How loneliness and disconnect can consume our humanness.
What would it take to have honest conversations in our society regarding the complexity of our emotions.

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Michael Talbot – is a historian and a senior lecturer at University of Greenwich. His analysis and insight into various human interactions and wider social phenomena bring listeners to novel perspectives. For this edition, we were also joined by Charlotte Sowerby, the Research & Enterprise Officer for Humanities & Social Sciences.

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Özlem Onaran We talked about the important of including ecological aspects of our planet in policy making and how to rethink of investing in social infrastructural so that topics of sensitive nature can be resolved and that could lead towards the growth without disparity for particular groups.
These findings will also be presented at an international conference on 14 October 5.00 pm at Greenwich.
A_Policy_Mix_for_Equitable_Sustainable_Development_in_the_UK 2019

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Tony MannWe talked about the time itself and the rich heritage of greenwich and its connection with the stars through royal observatory. Historical realities of gender and race in past at our institutes in the era of great expanse. Using Math as an industrialised tool to homogenize perspectives and intelligence in future generations.
Book: Mathematics at the Meridian: The History of Mathematics at Greenwich

Neil SaundersWe talked about the connection between purity and abstraction. How mathematics can help brain by providing tools for navigating the spirals of life. Can mathematics be helpful when discussing freewill.

Melissa Sterry We talked about the future of our diverse cities and the connection between the representation of internal honesty in building our exterior hives. Beauty to be found through inclusion of lifeforms which sapiens have declared others.

David Luke – We talked about the importance of psychedelic research and its impacts. Stories of apparent inter-species interaction and what we might find if we honestly look inside the mind of a life-form which originated from the heart of a dying star. 

Olga Martin-Ortega – We talked about Global supply chain, slavery in 21st century,human desire to create material at the cost of human dignity and re-imagining role of powerful organisations.

Mohammad Majid Al-RifaieWe talked about creativity and AI, possibility of inspiring art from machines, human endeavour to birth intelligent life. Evolutionary model of swarm intelligence in birds and insects.

We talked about the representation of Japanese culture and Film in western word/UK by the distributors. Myths about the Samurai and historically accurate characteristics. There are some enticing film recommendations if you are interested in Japanese films or anime.

We talked about the importance of Ecosystem, mosquitoes myth busting and the importance of insects and their relationship with their habitats.

We talked about types of empathy, it’s role in crime and society, how as humans we deal with prisoners and the future of our justice system. 

We talked about the innovative ways to generate knowledge. How articles written with compassion and scientific rigour can influence policies. What does the research says about migration. 

We talked about his research on partition of Indo-Pak 1947 & military operations in Waziristan.