Package by Magdalena A Kolodziej

The content of this poem

Is fully recyclable.

These words will be

Rearranged and reused

In a different way than here.


But if these words are recycled,

Who will listen for the cries

That are trapped here?

Who’ll see the tears you didn’t know

Were contained here till

I told you they were?


What if these recycled words

Told you that there are children

Who cannot even cry anymore?

What if these recycled words told you

That their trade is as impure as their water?

Or if it is so diseased they cannot even

Produce tears but still bring you your tea?


This recyclable package of words

Can’t even contain

Their loudest screams for help

For there is unfairness in their trade.

But will you try to make it fair

With the help of nothing,

But recycled words?



meMagdalena Kolodziej is a Polish student based in London, who is currently studying English Literature with Creative writing. Having worked in a library for a few years, she had been able to access many inspiring stories that allowed her writing to flourish. Ever since she was eight, she had been writing poetry and short stories. Recently she turned her attention to expanding her fictive writing into blog writing for StudentJob, where she develops her writing skills in the aim to help other students with university experiences.