A timetable of events is listed below.
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Week 1 
Monday Launch day All Campuses
Tuesday Ethics of Food Forum Undercroft, Greenwich
Wednesday Eat the Seasons Edible Garden, Avey Hill
Thursday Marine Stewardship Council 008 – Pilkington, Medway
Friday Food & Health Forum The Dome, Avery Hill
Week 2
Monday Meat-Free Monday All Campuses
Tuesday Fairtrade All Campuses
Wednesday Local & Organic Edible Garden, Avey Hill
Thursday Food Waste Undercroft, Greenwich
Friday Future Foods Forum Pilkington, Medway

 Week 1

Monday 23rd February:

Food Fortnight – Launch day Check out our Twitter, Blogs & Facebook feeds & posters around campuses.

Tuesday 24th February:

Politics & Ethics Food Forum – Greenwich, Undercroft 12:00-2.30
A range of discussion relating to food ethics, topics including GM foods, lobbying and Nestle.
Free coffee and flapjacks.

Wednesday 25th February: Sustainable Highlight 

Eat the seasons – All University food outlets, all day.
Seasonal garden workshop at the Edible Garden with Alice Coyle (Edible Garden, Avery Hill: 12pm – 2pm – behind Fussey Building).
Free seasonal soups, chutney, honey and jam tasters. 

Thursday 26th February: Sustainable Highlight 

Marine Stewardship Council – 008, Pilkington, Medway 12-2.30pm. Guest lectures from both the MSC and the WWF about protecting and preserving the world ocean reserves, followed by a Q&A.
Great opportunity to get involved with two of the leading sustainability and environmental charities.
If that wasn’t enough all attendees will be provided with a
free MSC certified fish-finger sandwich.

Friday 27th February:

Food & Health Forum – Dome, Avery Hill, 12pm-2.30pm.
How much sugar is in our food?
Is it more addictive than cocaine?
Come to the Dome on Friday where we’ll be holding discussions with regards to the true impact that sugar can have on our bodies.

 Week 2


Monday  2nd March:

Meat-Free Monday – All University food outlets, all day.
Producing 1kg of beef results in more CO2 emissions than going for a three-hour drive while leaving the lights on at home.
We don’t need to eat meat every day, it’s unhealthy, expensive and is causing environmental problems.
Can you go a day without?

Tuesday 3rd March:

Fairtrade – All University food outlets, all day.
As well as Sustainable Food Fortnight it’s also Fairtrade Fortnight; our caterers will be celebrating all thing fairtrade, helping people with less have a better life.

Wednesday 4th March: Sustainable Highlight 

Local & Organic –All University food outlets, all day.
Local & Organic garden workshop at the Edible Garden with Julian Murphy (Edible Garden, Avery Hill: 12pm – 2pm – behind Fussey Building).
The SU will be handing out ‘grow your own’ kits.

Thursday 5th March:

Food Waste – Greenwich, Undercroft, 12-2pm
We’ll be holding a display at the Undercroft to highlight the fact that a third of the worlds food ends up in the bin.

Friday 6th March: 

Future Foods Forum – Medway, Pilkington 12pm-2pm.
What’s going to happen when global population reaches 10bn?
Will there be enough food to support everyone?
Come to our forum where we’ll be discussing the future of food: vertical farming, lab-grown meat and insects.

Launch day poster

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