Reuse Race

Piloted in 2018, the Reuse Race is the brain child of former student volunteers Lenka Krikavova and Edoardo Federici.

The initiative was to promote behavioural change through rewarding a collective action. This action was to encourage more people to ditch the disposable coffee cup and opt for refilling a reusable within our campus outlets. The standard discount for bringing a reusable cup is 10p, with the sales of drinks in reusable cups only at 6.6%.

The target, was to reach 15% of reusable drink sales, and with every extra 5% reached, a higher discount was given to a final 50p off a hot drink. The project was a success, doubling the reusable sales in only a couple of months. The project was also became a finalist in the Green Gown Awards 2018 (Food & Drink category).

A downloadable case study provides more information about the pilot. What does the future hold? The sales of drinks in reusable cups increased to 20% as of 2021, a positive increase, but more needs to be done. We are looking at a permanent rewarding programme, with an increase of sales resulting in a higher discount the next month, and dropping if it fails. This should result in higher sales, and more information will be provided on the success of this programme.

Email for information.

GGA 2018 Finalist image

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