Make your Change

We all have the power to make a positive difference no matter how small the action. What will you do?

Here at the University of Greenwich our staff and students are extremely passionate about green issues. Climate change is the biggest global threat of the 21st century and without action it will continue to affect people and our natural environment across the world.

Supporting action is a global responsibility, and we are all involved. As a teaching institution we must ensure that our students and staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with these issues; you can help drive positive action for a sustainable legacy.

Make Your Change is our engagement campaign, encouraging students and staff to take small, personal actions. We focus on eight areas:

Saving energy – We will all pay bills at some point; the University’s energy bill is over £3million a year! Small actions will save emissions, consumption and money.

Energy Saving Tips at Work at Greenwich
Energy Saving Tips in Halls at Greenwich

Consider Your Purchases – Always think, do you need it or are alternatives available?  Small actions can save money and help the environment, from clothes to food.

Saving water – Water is crucial to us all.  70% of our planet is covered in water but only 2.5% is drinkable and 1% easily accessible.  Small actions will save water.

Recycling – Recycling systems at home may be different from those found at the University. It is estimated that 70% of waste can be recycled. Always read posters and wash items. Small actions will avoid contamination, save money and reduce environmental impacts.

Transport & Travel – Covid-19 has shown that we can work effectively with less travel needed. 60% of 1-2 mile journeys are made by car, and catalytic convertors do not work effectively at this distance. Small actions can reduce stress, time, emissions and money.

Caring for the Environment – Nature has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Respecting and helping to maintain the environment will make it more enjoyable. Small actions will reduce pollution and enhane biodiversity.

Getting Involved – By sharing knowledge, we can all help in making a positive difference. It can also help future studies and careers. Small actions will create communities, friends and a caring society.

Learning More – You do not have to study a related degree to learn more. Small actions will increase knowledge, allow for innovation and make a big change.

You will see a variety of materials around campus, and electronically available, giving you simple steps and the benefits they can create.

By encouraging people to “make your change” we are highlighting that by completing small actions, it will make a collective difference. For example, if every student reduced their showers down to just 4 minutes we would save approximately 259’000 litres of water a week (assuming an average of 4 showers a week per student at 10 minutes with 9 litres of water used per minute per student).

  • Staying in halls? Click here for what you can do to live sustainably & save money.
  • Renting privately or living at home?Click here for what you can do to live sustainably & save money.
    • Further energy saving and related advice can be found here.
  • At work? Click here for the simple steps you can take to make a difference. 

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