Student & Staff Inductions

All students and staff should have some form of introduction to sustainability when they arrive or during their studies. The slide decks can be given/to and shared with staff and students to help them understand what sustainability is and why it is so important,  sustainability expectations they have whilst here, tips and actions to reduce their impact and opportunities to learn more and help then better apply sustainability in their learning, research and work.

If you need need the slide decks in PowerPoint format contact us on the email below.

Student Inductions

A set of slide desk have been developed to include in your inductions. These range from 1 pagers to 8 pagers. If you need support in delivering a more detailed and interactive sessions contact the Sustainable Development Unit

1 page

2 page

8 page

Staff Induction

This slide deck can be used in you staff induction and training programmes.

Staff Induction 8 page

New Employee Welcome and Induction Days

All new staff also attend the NEWI  (New Employee Welcome and Induction) days where sustainabilityis one of the compulsory core issues that comprises the induction that is deliveres to all staff (a minumum of 10 minutes to all attendees) . All staff are required to attend and sustainability information, expectations and support offers are explained and provided to help staff recognise their role in maintaining Greenwich as a leader in the sector for sustainability.

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