Sustainability Champions

The Sustainability Champions Network is made up of staff from every corner of the University and with scores of individuals it is a driving force for sustainable change.

Who is a Sustainability Champion?

A Sustainability Champion is anyone who wants to make a positive change at home, at work and in their community around them. Sustainability Champions are leaders who inspire others to also take positive steps with them in order to create wider change.

The Sustainability Champions Network at Greenwich has played a massive part in helping Greenwich become a leader in sustainability in the HE sector and their fantastic work still continues as they help make the University a greater place to work and study.

If you want to find out more also join the Sustainability Champions Network and Sustainability Action Network Yammer Groups.

Examples of current Champion led activities include:

Management of Community Edible Garden at Avery Hill Campus. This is led by Julian Murphy and one of many staff, student and community volunteers running the very successful garden. This has a budget allocated to it to make improvements and to buy essentials.

Sustainability Champion, Mary McCartney at the Faculty of Business is the sustainability driver in her Faculty ensuring all staff and aware of and engaged in key sustainability programmes. She has a welcomed role in running the charity plant sale that raises funds for local charities.

Caroline Troy is the dynamic and committed Sustainability Champion lead in helping ensure sustainability is and remains on the agenda in our Medway Campus. She provides input and insight into the works being undertaken by The Natural Resources Institute and also engaged in campus wide and inter university activities to deliver sustainability outcomes.

The HR department including Liz Lawrence and Anna Radley have over many years worked as their Directorate’s Sustainability Champions helping ensure sustainability is integrated in int Directorate functions and activities. They are also central to the initiative to collect food from our Avery Hill Campus site to donate to the local food bank.

Our Library Services undertake annual collections of books that are donated to schools in the developing world. Co-ordinated by one of our Sustainability Champion, Rhiannon Matthews this project has made a significant difference, sending thousands of books to those who may not otherwise be able to obtain them.

If you want to find out who your local Sustainability Champion is please contact

There can never be enough champions so if you are interested in becoming a champion yourself please also get in touch.

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