Hedgehog Friendly Campus

The University of Greenwich signed up to the national Hedgehog Friendly Campus Initiative during May 2020.  We were the 58th across the country to do so. 

Hedgehogs in the UK

The UK’s favourite mammal (RSPB 2016 survey) is in trouble. Since 2000 hedgehog numbers have declined by up to 50%. The Hedgehog is now classified as vulnerable in the UK. Habitat loss, predation, lack of food, injuries and habitat fragmentation have all played a part in this decline.  An estimated 230,000 deaths are caused each year on the road.  The national population is now only 1 million or less.

It is clear that without urgent intervention, this biological indicator species could become extinct within the UK. But there is hope, a number of initiatives have gained traction around the country and as individuals we too can take simple steps to bring the hedgehog back into our lives.

Hedgehog Campuses

University’s often have a large variety of natural landscapes, meaning our campuses can make excellent safe haven for this adorable mammal.

The Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative aims to increase hedgehog awareness and practical steps we can take at university to improve their habitats. The initiative wants to create the next generation of hedgehog champions with the skills and knowledge to give them a fighting chance. It will educate students, staff and the surrounding community about hedgehog friendly behaviour, both on campus and at home. The project runs nationally and is funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Greenwich Hedgehog Campuses

From historic records our Avery Hill and Medway campuses have had hedgehog visitors, but the last record was during 2006.

Our Ecosystem Services Policy (supporting our sustainability policy), signed by the Vice Chancellor, recognises that we have a responsibility to manage and improve our natural land where possible. This initiative is a perfect project in encouraging positive action to safe-guard an important species. Students and staff can all be involved! We have a dedicated ‘Hog Team’ at each of our three campuses.

  • Fundraising & events
  • Information dissemination
  • Hedgehog surveys
  • Webinars
  • Creation of hedgehog homes
  • Litter picks & habitat improvement

Is just a sample of activities you can get involved in. The total Hog members stand at 20. Want to join in? Email Sustainability Project Coordinator David Jackson through sustainability@greenwich.ac.uk to find out how.

Hedgehogs at Home?

There is plenty you can do at home too. Check out our simple guide.

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