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Climate change, pollution, waste, single use plastics and air pollution affects us all.

What is Green Week?

Green Week offers our students (and staff) the opportunity to organise and join a range of fun and engaging activities; raising awareness and encouraging change towards a more sustainable living. Do not forget that we all have the power to make a positive difference, no matter how small the action.

When is Green Week?

Green Week usually occurs in either the first or second semesters (November or March) and has done all the way back until 2011! The events are supported by the Sustainability Team, but lead by students, with student collaborations crucial for a successful week. Anyone can join in or recommend activities; if you have an idea, or your society or club would like to be involved in future weeks please do get in touch!

Green Week Summaries Through the Years

If you want to get a flavour of what’s occurred in previous years, then look no further than these below activity highlights!

Green Week 2020

Held between the 23-27 November, unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic impacted heavily on Green Week 2020. However, that didn’t put a stop to the enthusiasm or discussion, the events just shifted to being virtual instead! These events included:

  • More than 120 people joined the Vice-Chancellor (Jane Harrington) as she discussed her view on sustainability and the importance of its education within our teaching.
  • We launched the first Greenwich Sustainability Survey (now an annual tradition) to gauge how students and staff felt about how the University was reducing its environmental impact, and what could improve. Over 370 responses were received in this inaugural survey!
  • Webinars discussing how sustainability can interact with our eating habits, the role of faith and exploring the challenges faced when trying to be sustainable with a disability.
  • Involvement from the ModelUN and Politics Societies running debates around ecocide and climate change emergency commitments.
  • Eco-Team, the student and staff network held online quizzes and talks with external speakers on divestment and other hot climate topics.
  • With support from the SU, we refreshed the Green Week branding, ready for future years of engagement.

Green Week 2019

Held between the 11-15 November, Green Week 2019 had a bumper load of stalls, talks and student involvement:

  • Green Week 2019
  • The Dome Cafe, launched their partnership with Too Good To Go.
  • Dr Bike sessions to fix bicycles for free.
  • Film nights, watching documentaries including Before the Flood and The True Cost.
  • Fem Soc promoting sustainable period protection, with ecocide debates ran by ModelUN Soc.
  • Amnesty Soc Clothes Shwop, allowing students to swap clothes for marbles.
  • Waste awareness with our contractors featuring VR and quizzes.
  • Student Switch Off promotions and quizzes for Ben & Jerry’s!
  • Big news came from our Pilkington Cafe in Medway, that went Disposable Cup Free.

Green Week 2018

Two for the price of one in 2018, two Green Week’s took place; the first between March 19-23 and the other November 12-16. Student involvement lead to talks, activities, stands and one successful pilot in March, steaming to further success in November; The Reuse Race. Other events and activities included:

  • Sustainability Policy & Strategy Consultation, attended by students and staff to discuss what the future may hold.
  • Disposable free days, promoting the use of reusable items including the coffee cup!
  • Dr Bike sessions to fix bicycles for free.
  • Film nights, watching documentaries including A Plastic Ocean.
  • Bargain Corner promotions, the Medway Chaplaincy store providing essentials for students in need.
  • Waste awareness with our contractors featuring VR and quizzes.
  • Talks around plastic pollution, employability in sustainability and learning about the sustainable development goals.

Green Week has been at the University since 2011! From beekeeping showcases, to clothes swapping and the power of pedals, it has all been seen throughout the years. We are always looking for new ways to engage and encourage positive, what will you see when you next attend? Remember to check out your portal, social media and our main website to keep track of the week and all our events!

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