GREen Rewards

Did you know that you can join a university initiative that rewards staff and students for doing easy but impactful environmental actions, and for finding out more about sustainability?

How does it work?

GREen Rewards is an app and online platform where you can record your sustainable actions – like travelling sustainably, reporting your recycling and shopping responsibly – and earn Green Points.

Each month, the top three point-earning staff and students can win a £75 voucher (1st place), a £50 voucher (2nd place) and a £35 voucher (3rd place). There is a choice of IKEA, Sainsbury’s and TFL vouchers for winners – to name a few! Our prize winners are only chosen based on points earned each month, so no matter when you join, you’ll have the same chance to win.

GREen Rewards also gives you the chance to win prizes for your team on a bigger scale. Each term, we’ll award a split of £1,200 to the top three performing teams to donate to their top-voted charity.

Join online here, or download the app on iOS or Android.

Any questions please feel free to contact Sustainability Team:

Our Vice-Chancellor of GREen Rewards

University of Greenwich Sustainability Blog